🎁 Merry Christmas everyone. You now have something to read in between commercials and talking to relatives about when I was kid… and like clockwork Adidas has a sale like I mention in the conclusion 😂

If you liked the Harden V3 but didn’t like the plain jane look or if you really enjoyed Beat Street and Breakin, Nique’s old Avias or Dream’s Etonics, the Marquee Boost might be for you. If you want a shoe that’s flat out fun and a great on court, well here’s your shoe too.. or you can pick from the Harden V3 and Tmac Millennium as well since they all perform similarly and very well on court. But it’s not often I see a shoe that speaks to me like the Marquee Boost. What can I say, I ❤️ the 80’s.

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, support and stability, containment

Cons: retro styling isn’t for everyone ? Runs long

Best for: anyone or 80’s kids

Sizing: half size down to a full size these run long

Buying advice: wait as always, these are everywhere collecting dust. $100 or less is fair, low around 50-60. Make sure to buy the right size these run long



17 ounces which is similar to the Harden V2 and a lot of other Adidas hoops shoes. If they didn’t run so long maybe they would have shaved a half ounce.


I took these out on the worst combo floor again..a pergo middle school floor where assemblies happen daily. Pergo doesn’t absorb anything so all the dirt from the day just sits on top. The Marquee started off needing some wiping but got better as the three hour session wore on. Even with some dust stuck on the outsole I didn’t have to wipe much at all.

The pattern is very similar to the Harden and Tmac and doesn’t feature any dumb story telling elements. It just works. I really love how Adidas has been making the forefoot lateral area run perpendicular to the rest of the shoe. It really helps slow the slide on lateral movements. Not groundbreaking but shoe companies have forgotten the basics as of late as getting the basics right is the key to my heart. That and food..

Well done Adidas!


Love the Harden V3 set up? Well I think Adidas slapped almost the exact same set up on these. Not quite as thick feeling as the Millennium, these feel just like the a slightly thicker Harden V3 to me and are just smooth from heel to toe. Hard to get a good measurement but I’d say the Marquee is about 2mm thicker in the heel.

Like the Mac These use a foam strobel as well while the Harden uses a cloth strobel.

And like the Mac, Boost sits around the shoe as the foot sits below the top line a few millimeters.

Very comfortable out of the box and on court. No bottoming out like the Crazy Explosive 2016.

Well done Adidas!


I bought my regular size 11 and could have sworn it was a 11.5 or twelve. I had over a thumb of extra space at the toe. Width wide they fit fine but that extra length isn’t my preferred length so I went down to 10.5 and was much happier.

No movement inside the shoe no heel slip when I laced to the top, no deadspace in the toe box.

Some people will not like all the laces since this is the antithesis of the CLB minimal lacing set up. These really pull your ankle and foot back in the shoe so if you don’t like that feeling, get the low. I’m a mid guy and I really like how these give me a one to one fit.

Well done Adidas? Half size down people, just remember that.


I’ve said this before but adidas has gotten really good at premiumizing mesh (see dames, harden v2). I didn’t read the marketing descriptions until yesterday and I thought the toe box was prime knit (not that it matters). The shoe is primarily mesh and fuse (does that make it forged mesh Adidas?) but they put the fuse in high wear areas and made it look like it was there for stylistic reasons. Check out that white synthetic leather! That material really adds some performance!! Not

There is no popping (and locking) or hot spots all the thicker areas don’t require breakin (get it?) at all.

Premiumizing, covfefe, huuuuuge: all to be added to Webster’s dictionary soon. Worst case Wikipedia. Might be in there already 🤷🏻‍♂️

Support and stability

These might feel too restrictive if you just put them on in store but once you play in them, they soften up and conform around your ankle and movements.

Usually I can just fold the entire heel collar but there is a little extra stiffness (that’s what she said) around the Achilles that adds just a little more support kinda like the HD16

Midfoot support is good as it features the same shank as the Harden V3

Adidas extended the Boost pretty wide and it adds support so flat footers like myself don’t have extra flab hanging off the sides

Stability is excellent as well with a very wide outsole, wider than the Harden V3 in fact.

Overall no issues at all here.

Well done Adidas!


No issues here. Raised midsole really keeps your foot in place on hard cuts. Did I design this shoe?


If the Beard was the Beard balling in the 80s this would be his sig shoe. The Marquee Boost plays almost exactly the same as the Harden except it’s a high/mid with different styling. If you buy a BMW and swap out the exterior of the car, that car will still feel like a BMW since the actual guts of the car haven’t changed. The same thing applies here; the V3 was already a great shoe except for a little heel slip for me but with the Marquee, I get the almost the exact same cushioning, similar traction but with a whole new upper look that actually improved the fit for me. This is one of those shoes that I forget I’m wearing when I’m court but at the same time I get the look good feel good effect and at the same time I’m getting everything I could want out of a shoe. Is this SOY? No not soy sauce you racists, is this the Shoe Of the Year? It might just be, just let me make my mind up after the Curry 6 (let’s hope I can get them tomorrow so I can finish my 2018 Review).

Should you buy these today? These are sitting everywhere so wait another month or so and we should start seeing discounts because the last thing retailers want is inventory sitting on their shelves. I expect these to drop to the $110-99 range plus coupons very soon so I’ll probably stock up when they get to the $50-60 range. Any other person who uses retail as their basis for value is a fool. At $130 retail, this is ten bucks less than the Harden but I got these with the 30% off sale so they come out to $92. Adidas sales are nuts these days and very frequent so if you like bang for your buck, Adidas is where it’s at. 90% sure we see another Adidas sale after Christmas or the New Year. Nothing makes you perform better than extra cash in your wallet. #crazycheapasians

Retro styling isn’t for everyone so that’s great for me. Pretty sure I’ll the only one on the court wearing them and that’s part of the fun of sneakers isn’t it? Getting to express yourself without saying a word? I like doing it with my game personally but sometimes a shoe it just the right fit from all aspects and the Marquee is one of those shoes for me. Understated yet unique and sexy AF (just like me).

I really thought Nike was going to earn most of my business this year (yes earned bc I buy my own sht) but Adidas really came on strong this year even if their marketing campaign was nonexistent. Hey Adidas, can I please run the b-ball division ? UA? Nike? ? No takers ? Oh well.

First team rating, well done Adidas!

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