Since JB is retroing the AJ XX…

A floating ankle collar to give the player the playability of a low with the support of a high . The Kobe IX Elite ? Nope, Jordan Brand implemented this idea in 2005 along with IPS.


I would have loved this shoe of traction was better on dusty floors.  I’d skate across the floor like an Olympian with any dust, especially in the non Stealth colorways.  The stealth colorway didn’t have a translucent pattern and stuck slightly better to the floor but that’s not saying much.


Why is the AJ XX even called an Air Jordan if there isn’t any air in it ? I didn’t check the specs back then and just read the box today.  lol

It actually feels really good underfoot and is very smooth heel to toe and springy for just being  Phylon.  I can’t tell a difference between the different densities though and if you can its all in your head. The retro version of the XX might say it has IPS but given JB not prison past for skimping out, I really doubt they do. But on the bright side you can’t tell anyways.


I got a 10.5 even though my current Nike shoe size is an 11 and they fit perfect. Jordans tend to have a slightly wider last and fit slightly bigger in my experience .. At least up until the XX3

Fit is definitely the strongest aspect  of the shoe. They feel like cozy slippers thanks to a smooth silky lining inside the shoe and a nice step in insole.  The shoe really is two layers ; an inner sleeve with laces and the outer synthetic shell. Reminds me a lot of how the Hyperrev 2015 is set up .

No movement side to side or front to back and my heel stayed in place perfectly regardless if I was wearing the strap or not.

The midfoot strap exists only fit aesthetic reasons. The Velcro is so weak that half the time the strap just flops around anytime you cut .

Above : see how small the Velcro hooks are ? Can’t hold down the strap


Not the most stable or supportive shoe. I saw quite a few friends turn their ankle in these. The ankle might be locked in but there is no structure to protect the wearer if you land awkwardly and it miserably fails my heel test. Thankfully the shoe has an outrigger at least.


The inner sleeve and synthetic upper do a good job containing the foot on hard cuts. The outer shell material really has no give so it keeps the foot in the footbed.


It’s fun to look at older shoes and see how they molded and helped create some of the shoes today. The AJ XX has its fingerprints all over the Cp3 line and the Kobe IX elite.  It wasn’t perfect then it isn’t perfect now but at least they pushed the envelope of performance and created the seeds for the future.

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