I admit it, I buy shoes just because of the players they are associated with so I bought the PE of both the Hyperchase and the Run the One.  The Hyperchase was a big disappointment for me but here is the review:

Hyperchase Review

So for those of you who are planning on buying the upcoming release of the Hyperchase, here is a comparative review.


The Hyperchase easily outperforms the Run the One in this category. I had no issues stopping even on dusty floors even though wiping is necessary. The Run the One is no grabby at all and needs a lot of time to break in to make the traction decent but even broken in, it still is not match for the Hyperchase’s traction

WINNER: Hyperchase


The Run the One (R1 is easier to type) features Zoom Air in the forefoot and… Well that’s it. The rest is just regular foam. The Hyperchase features a drop in insole that is made of nothing but foam. Terribly dense dead foam. Sadly the Run the One feels light years better underfoot since it had an extra layer of cushioning with the insole layer on top of the above mentioned set up. The Hyperchase is just stiff and unresponsive and never really livens up even after break in.

WINNER: Run the One


I bought my normal size 11 in these and both were fine length wise but I could have gone up half a size and been more comfortable. Both shoes are extremely narrow especially at the midfoot. Very good lockdown in the heel and zero side to side movement due to the narrow fit for both shoes. I’d say lockdown in the heel was minutely better in the Hyperchase.

The R1 is maybe a tad wider at the forefoot as you can see from the pic. 

WINNER: Hyperchase by a hair. I wish both were wider or I went up half a size.


Support comes strictly from the fit and the heel counter. I can’t say that one is more supportive than the other. I will say the R1 feels safer and more supportive since the materials are thicker but materials don’t really add support (except maybe Posite) they only help contain the foot.



The R1 has a a very flat sole and features an outrigger at the forefoot and is very stable at the heel. It passed my heel test, which is basically stepping down at the outside of my heel and trying to turn it over. No instability at the heel which is key to not flipping your ankles on not so perfect landings.

The Hyperchase is also very flat but is slightly contoured at the heel and does not feature an outrigger. It is a little tippy imo and did not pass my heel test due to the contoured heel. It wasn’t the most unstable shoe I’ve ever tried but the shoes just aren’t worth the risk. 



R1 wins this category by a landslide. It features a thicker and stiffer upper (albeit cheaper feeling ) fuse upper as well as footstays/extended sole at the forefoot. The foot sits well below the footstays which is key to staying inside the shoe on hard cuts. 

The Hyperchase has a thin mesh upper and Flywire and no footstays at the forefoot. I mean it does but the foot sits at almost  same level so it really doesn’t help. Btw Flywire doesn’t work alone and it provides almost no containment. 



Hyperchase AS retails for $120

R1 retails for $99 ( pe 109

Neither are excluded from Eastbay discounts except certain colorways.


I will say the Hyperchase is a much  prettier shoe but from a performance perspective, it doesn’t hold a candle toe the R1 except for traction. Normally I’d take the shoe with superior traction but the Hyperchase does so poorly in other categories that the R1 trumps the Hyperchase despite its traction shortcomings.

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