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One colorway of the low is no longer excluded from Eastbay discounts so for 90 bucks it’s a steal although the color isn’t the best 

Clutchfit drive low on Eastbay

I got these today btw. Much “golder” looking than I thought. Still mean looking though 

I’m amazed that with all the sneaker reviewers out there that I haven’t seen anyone review this shoe. I know it was pretty hard to get a hold of so that may be why but I’ve been hooping in these since they were released so I guess you can say I was really lucky more than anything. I’ve heard that UA will be releasing the lows this month but nothing 100% positive.

First off, I am not really a lowtop guy typically.  My usual goto shoes are mids or highs like my current goto, the Clutchfit Drive.

The low top version is really just that; a low top version of the Clutchfit Drive. Same full length Micro G foam, Clutchfit synthetic upper and same wickedly awesome traction.    Traction:


Traction is amazing with this shoe. I play on dusty 24hr and YMCA courts and this shoe sticks to the floor from the get go and takes a quick wipe to get the traction nice and sticky.  This is definitely one of the best traction patterns I have ever used.  Full length herringbone with no storytelling gets my vote every time.  The rubber is nice and pliable which adds to its ability to push dirt away.

Cushioning:  I have used and loved Zoom Air almost all my life. I didn’t know what it was or why I loved it so much back in the late 90’s but now with all the shoe blogs that exist everyone knows what it is. Too bad Nike half asses it about 90% of the time nowadays so just because it says Zoom Air, doesn’t mean it is true Zoom Air.  The last shoe that had nice full bouncy Zoom Air that I currently use it the Lebron Zoom Solider VI and it is still awesome.

Now off my soap box…This cushioning set up is awesome. I was not a believer in foams until I tried Micro G.  My knees feel great and the transition is seamless since it is full length and not targeted like in the Hyperdunk.  It is bouncy yet firm and not overly soft like the Kobe 8’s full length insert. It almosts feels like a full length Zoom unit which says a lot about Micro G.

Fit: I bought my normal sz 11 and these fit perfectly.  I like to have one index finger’s width btwn my big toe and the end of the toe box.  As a reference,  I wear an 11 in all Kobes except the I-III and an 11 in all lebrons except the IX which I need an 11.5.  The regular Clutchfits fit me like a glove and I have always had problems with lows and heel slippage, especially in my left heel.  The only lows that I can safely say kept my heel from slipping were the Kobe IV, V, VIII, and IX.  The Kobe VI were terrible for me as were the KD 7 I could literally feel my heel raise up about .5 cm with the KD 7.  The CF low’s did a great job locking my heel in place with no slipping. No real need for the higher collar unless you like higher cut shoes. There was no movement side to side either as the Clutchfit material really hugs the foot like a second skin and keeps the foot in place and in the footbed.


Support was great with these just like the regular Clutchfits.  The base is stable with a tiny outrigger at the forefoot.  One of my pet peeves with shoe design is how designers will my not make the entire base of the shoe flat to the ground and add a little contouring or beveling around the heel area.  I understand that they do this to make the shoe feel more natural feeling but if you land on that little spot as you land from jumping you’re ankle will be toast (trust me I’ve done it twice in the past year with the Lebron X and Kobe IX).  A little test I like to do to see how stable  a shoe is in case of a freak landing is just trying to roll my ankle as I step on the heel or put pressure on the heel . If it easily rolls in a static position, it is usually safe to say it isn’t going to work from a landing standpoint. I know most of the time you land with the balls of your feet but those rare moments when you do land heel first, you and your shoes better be ready.


I could give a sh*t about ventilation.  I never play outdoors and my runs are 1 to 2 hours.  I’ve read other reviews about the poor ventilation of the CF but to be honest I never noticed any excess heat buildup in the past four months since I’ve had these.  If I played outdoors in the Texas heat, then yes, I’d probably want something with better ventilation but I don’t so…. No blisters, no excesses sweat, no extra stank so I’m good.


I’ve had these shoes for over four months and they look almost like new. The synthetic upper is extremely durable and scuff resistant while the midsole paint hasn’t even chipped or peeled (although I’m sure it will eventually).  The Micro G foam is surprisingly resilient and feels just as bouncy as it did on day 1.


If you’re looking for lows you’ll love these. If you love the regular Clutchfits, you’ll love these as well.

Retail is $100 which is bargain considering you get one of the best cushioning setups, one of the best traction set ups and one of the most durable shoes out there.  They remind me a lot of the kobe vi in terms of overall feel and ride height but with a better fit and much better traction. On top of all that, UA has fantastic return policy if anything goes awry: Return them for any reason.  If you simply don’t like them send them back to UA and they will give you UA.Com credit. They do not put a two year time limit on their shoes like Nike does.

For people even lazier than wanting to read the conclusion:

Get them if you want the awesomeness of the Clutchfit Drive in a low top. I don’t prefer lows but I enjoy playing in these a lot. 

Feel free to ask questions or reach me on Twitter @schwollo

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