Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …

I looked on as soon as I got these fakes and sure enough…sigh

So I thought I pulled a fast one on EBay with a pair of Curry One Aways and turns out they were fake.  Seller was legit and he claims he didn’t know they were fake but what seller ever fesses up to fakes anyways ? I filed an Ebay complaint and got my money back but I figured I might as well take some quick pics and post some tips on how to spot fakes. 
Box or lack thereof

As with Jordans, sellers will have replica boxes that look smaller and less glossy than the originals. Fonts in the tags are blurry or have weird looking fonts. 

Or as my seller did, they don’t have a pic of the box or claim they tossed it. 


I knew right when I got this package in was screwed.

Sole width


The fake Curry is much narrower than the authentic pair at the forefoot.

 Exact same outsole but runs much narrower

Tag fonts

 Just like fake Jordans, fonts are off on the shoes’ tag. Serial numbers are correct though 

 Below: fake tag  Below: Real tag

No shank you

The shank plate in the fake is made of rubber and allows you to fold the shoe. I could practically roll the shoe into a ball. 

Indented at the heel

See now the shoe curves in?   

Fonts and colors 

 Fake left, authentic right 
Fake left, authentic right 

Fakes appear a little lighter in color.   

This is a dead giveaway. Insole should be orange. 


Above: fake

Below: authentic sits in a little rectangular indention 


The upper is super thin and flimsy and holds almost no structure at all. Might as well Saran Wrap.

 Shot of the tongue. Can you spot the fake ? It’s on the left .

In summary:

If the deal seems to good to be true i.e seller wants retail for the MVP or Dubnation which should go for $300, stay away . My seller wasn’t far off target and he sold legit stuff so that’s why I went for it. Ask for pics of the box and inside tag and if they can’t or won’t provide them, look elsewhere. You can always hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @schwollo and I’ll look at them to give you an opinion.

Congrats again UA, you’ve made it! Fake it till you make it or in this case make the fakes until you get caught.  Hope this helps ! 

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