Introducing the Rose 7.5
Seriously, I had a hard time really differentiating the two shoes on court but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, support and stabilty, containment

Cons: none really, traction slides a little bit before stopping and isn’t as grippy as the 7 but what grips like the 7 ?

Best for: any position

Sizing: half size down is best for everyone but could be quality control issues (see sizing section)

Buying Advice: zero buzz, generic look, Rose is a starter for now but really a bench player …wait to buy or buy the 7. $90 or less is fair, bottom around $65-75


Still on the heavy side but doesn’t feel heavy on foot.


Let’s face it, nothing is going to beat the Rose 7 traction but the Rose 8 puts up a decent fight. It’s grippy over all but does give a tiny bit before stopping even on clean floors. I think the slight sliding might be due to the flatness of the pattern. I prefer the pitbull bite of the 7 but some people may like that little bit of give. Dusty floors requires some wiping where as the 7 pretty much doesn’t need any but overall the traction is still very good.


Really hard time feeling a a difference here. Similar heel to toe drop although the 8 might be a little less. Swapping out the insole helps a lot once again though. Very comfortable out of the box but even better with a better insole. Once again it’s uncaged totally on the medial side while partially caged at the forefoot on the lateral side.


Everyone should probably go down half a size.

Here is a comparison of two size 11’s. Granted there are more factors at play than just the actual size but at least you can see the difference. I went with 10.5 (see top pic)

Not sure if it’s Adidas quality control but I had to go down half size from my normal size 11. My foot was swimming in the shoe. It looks like a 11.5 or 12 in my opinion and I had more than a thumb width at the end of the toe box.
Anyways I went down to a 10.5 and they fit more correctly lengthwise (a little more than finger width) and a comfortably width wide even for my wide feet. Pretty much fit like the 7 actually.


I had no issues with the fit of the 7 although some readers have told me about some issues. I think the generic simple design of the lacing set up will really make a broader set of players feet happy. No straps just a simple standard lacing and ankle collar set up just pulls the ankle back and holds it there. This might be the only realy improvement from the 7. Keep it simple stupid almost always works so just keep it simple stupid Adidas..I mean Adidas.

No movement side to side or front to back with half a size down. Again, best to try on but I think half size down works best for everyone.

Mostly knit and synthetic although I’m not sure if this counts as a jacquard knit or not. It may be a knit technically but the synthetic portions of the upper can be felt and starts off with a little popping but goes away very quickly.  Zero issues with the materials although I’m sure many would prefer Primeknit.

Support and Stability

Always a hallmark of the D Rose line, the 8 strikes a nice balance between support and flexibility. Support is actually there since the ankle collar actually has some strength to it due to a stiff piece right along the Achilles where The D Rose name is. It’s still a nice balance of strength and flexibility though.

There is also nice midfoot support shank you very much.

Stabilty is excellent as always thanks to the wide flat contoured outsole.

Always one of my favorite parts of the Rose line. Keep it going Adidas!


Need I say more?

No issues here


Ever driven a Honda Accord? Start it up and it has that same familiar click shimmy and sound and ride. I’m sure Adidas doesn’t want us to perceive the Rose line as a budget friendly family car but that’s not a bad thing.  Although I was a fan of the looks of the the Rose 1-4 I did not enjoy playing in them except the 3. Things  didn’t really start clicking for me and the D Rose line on court until the Rose 5. Since the 5, we’ve gotten great cushioning, traction, support and stability, and a reliable fit year over year and the D Rose 8 is no different. Materials aren’t always the best but that’s always been a non issue for me. If you want Primeknit you can either wait it out and see if they release or save some cash and find a Rose 7 Primeknit.

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