Dame 4 update**
True to size worked best for me. I think narrow or reg footers could stay true to size or half a size down. Cushioning plays firmer than I thought upon try on but is still pretty comfortable and bouncy but not as soft as the 2. Fit, stability and containment are all excellent but traction needs some work so I’m going to break them in more before a final verdict on it. The portion from the midfoot and back was horrible even on clean floors probably due to the rubber and the fact that the pattern goes left to right only. If I couldn’t put a lot a of pressure on the area, the traction suffered. The bright spot is that traction has improved over time so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

Just got these in yesterday and just wanted to share my thoughts. For what it’s worth based on try on I think these are wayyyy better than the 3 especially in terms of comfort. No lace pressure at all and just a smooth feeling like the Explosive Bounce. 



These have a rounder and slightly longer toe box than the Dame 3 so it will fit a larger variety of feet. I have about a thumb width of space with my true size 11 and a finger width of space with a 10.5. Very similar sizing to the CLB16 but with a better overall fit. I can fit both but I prefer the width of the 11. Haven’t decided which to go with yet. Most people will want to go down half a size in my opinion. 


You can really see how much wider the 4 is from the pic above

Me likey. Just fits like a bootie and no lace pressure. What happens with the Dame 3 Adidas ? Whatever they did it’s pretty damn amazing feeling. No stupid lacing system this time around. No heel slip just walking around in the house. A bit of a pain in the Bootie to but oh well. 


Very hopeful with this set up. Rubber isn’t super soft but it feels similar to what was on the Crazylight Boost and the Explosive Bounce. The pattern is pretty thick but I think these will work out well. 


No break in time needed with mesh. But it isn’t the standard thin mesh like the Hyperrev 2015 and has some nice structure to it. I haven’t done the research on what it’s called but it feels great. The synthetic leather strap in the middle is a nice touch and doesn’t feel cheap. 

The entire ankle collar and “tongue” are neoprene and does a nice job hugging the foot and ankle. That useless flap on the CLB16 is made of the same material. 


Make Bounce feel great again.

This is the Bounce feel I liked in the 2 and the Explosive Bounce. Low profile but still has that spring. Not a whole lot of heel to toe drop like the 3. Feels lower overall than the 2 and about the same as the Explosive Bounce. 

Support and Stability 

Really this is a low top with an ankle collar but there is an internal heel counter and a nice wide base and contoured forefoot for stability. These feel lower to the ground than the Lillard 2 and a litte higher than the Explosive Bounce. 


Beautiful not worried at all about this. My foot sits where that crease is so I don’t see any issues. I am the smartest man alive!!


The Adidas managed to make a $115 shoe feel a like a lot more expensive shoe even though it’s just mesh. It feels and fits great out of the box and should be able to fit a lot of different feet.  I don’t get super excited too often but I am excited about these. Playing tomorrow so if you have questions fire away!

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