Executive Summary: UA kept the best parts of the Curry 2 while slightly improving the cushioning, fit and containment. Can’t ask for much more than that. 

Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes? 

Here is my Curry 2 Review for reference:

Curry 2 Review
I was on the fence about the 2.5 because it didn’t appeal to me much visually but I saw the design could have some potential benefits. These were originally a team concept shoe called “Top Gun” but due to some mass shootings in the US, UA changed the name, added some Curry and bumped the price up. 

Then the Warriors lost, bandwagoners jumped off and demand droppped, so I just waited and I picked these up for $95, I could have waited it out some more especially with the other colorways but I actually like the color blocking on the Black Reds. Reminds me of Kylo Ren for some reason. 

Pros: traction, softer cushioning, fit, support and stabilty, containment, durable

Cons: needs a little break in time, burrito wrap tongue might not fit wider ankles and calves. 

Best for: Any position 

Sizing: half size up

Buying advice: wait until the Curry 3 releases for even better prices probably around the $79-89 range. 


1.5 oz more than the Curry 2. 


Exactly the same as the Curry 2 which you know I love to death. Just works on any surface and belongs in the upper echelon of traction performance. 


The main reason for the improved cushioning is the use of an Ortholite insole. Ortholite isn’t my favorite insole because it dies rather quickly and is too spongy to do any thing other than provide step in comfort.   

Since I could actually remove the insole, I put in the Micro G insole from my Curry Ones to add a little more spring and impact protection  to the overall set up.  

Overall, it isn’t Boost or Zoom comfortable but it is a slight improvement over the Curry 2. 


The fit is a little tricky but after a lot of back and forth, I feel that half a size up from the Curry 2 is ideal mainly because of the tighter overall fit. The Curry 2 did not have a removable insole and therefore had a little more room in the toe box.  I could fit both true to size and half size up with the Curry 2 but with the 2.5 I could only fit half size up or a full size up. I tried a size 12 and it was comfortable but it would have had a little too much movement. With my true size 11, my toe was nearly at the end of the toe box . So as Goldilocks and the bears would say, half size up was just right with no deadspace side to side and no movement front to back. 

Speaking of front to back, the burrito wrap and asymmetrical packing really works… if you have the right sized ankles. 

For my perfectly sized ankles, the wrap went all the way around and centered itself. For wide ankles, you’ll be ok but I can imagine it being really irritating not getting the wrap all the way around and seeing  and feeling the tongue off center. 

Anyways, the wrap really pulls the ankle and heel back and makes the shoe like an extension of your foot. 

Well done UA!


The first thought that crossed my mind was Kobe VII which was not a good thing.

 But upon closer inspection, the design isn’t very similar. 

First off, the upper isn’t 100% plastic like the Kobe VII and is actually mesh with PU overlays. 

Secondly, the Kobe VII lines ran heel to toe while the Curry 2.5 runs medial to lateral.This allows the upper to flex naturally with the foot. It starts off a little stiff but after a game or two it flexes just fine. 

The medial side is just a neoprene like material and just adds flexibility and comfort to the 2.5. 

If you like mesh and knits, you may not like the 2.5 upper but the performance benenfits outweigh the comforts of knit and wovens. 
I wasn’t sure If I’d like this upper but after playing in it, I love it. Strong yet flexible where needed. 

Nice job UA!

Support and Stability

Just as stable as the Curry 2 yet a little more supportive due to the tighter fit and stiffer materials around the ankle. Heel is a little higher up which added to the one to oneness which I liked. 


Pretty damn freaking good and better than the Curry 2 by a little due to smart design and stiffer materials in the right places. 

You can see the placement of more PU in high wear and pressure areas. Add in the full length raised midsole and your foot is not going anywhere on hard cuts. 

Well done UA!


With the Curry 3 on the horizon and GSW blowing a 3-1 lead, these are sitting literally everywhere.. even local shops like Academy have them sitting on their shelves. Excess inventory means prices will fall although I think a fair price would be around $89-$79. 

Usually I put this at the top of my reviews 

UA kept the best parts of the Curry 2 and improved the cushioning, fit and containment. The burrito wrap really works well but unfortunately it won’t work for everyone’s ankles and calves which given the fickle nature of sneakerheads, that’s a no no. This will bump the Curry 2 down a notch because like the Rose 7, it does everything as well or better than the 2. It may even compete with the Rose 7 for the top spot after some more time because the fit and lockdown is better than the Rose 7 and the traction can hang with it. I’m still kicking myself for not trying these sooner!


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