I picked the Aces up off Ebay for $65 and the seller stated they were in great shape.. Of course to my dismay they weren’t but for that price I really couldn’t complain too much. The Kobe V is one of the easier shoes to restore since there isn’t much fabric due to all  Flyskin upper. Here are more before pics:

It’s hard to see in my pic but the forefoot midsole has greened somehow. I’ve seen yellowing but never greening, so I’m guess these were used to mow a lawn or two or play some soccer.


  • Toothbrush
  • Laundry detergent and or Dawn
  • Bleach pen
  • Alcohol or nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Patience

First things first: take out the laces and soak them in laundry detergent if the stains are heavy. If you have Spray and Wash or another stain remover, soak the laces in them for an hour then wash with your laundry. 

Next, take some Tide and mix with water to create a solution. Use your toothbrush to work over the whole shoe with the solution . The tongue was especially dirty so I soaked it with the solution then brushed.

Rinse the entire shoe. If you get excess water in the heel and tongue just squeeze as much out as possible. I do not recommend putting the Kobe V in the dryer since it is basically made of plastic but I have used the dryer with other shoes. I try to avoid the dryer since the heat degrades the glue though . 

While I waited for the shoes to dry, I used the bleach pen to apply a layer of bleach to the entire midsole. I usually let it sit a day before rinsing off.

Above: I got sloppy and accidently got some on the upper at the toe and it turned yellow . Never get bleach on white plastic uppers or you’ll yellow it.  

Also in the meantime I used nail polish remover to remove some of the stains that did not come out with Tide. Flyskin is very easy to clean since it doesn’t absorb anything.

Can’t really do anything about the tear but I used super glue to stop it from ripping any further. Just a little glue is needed. I’ve tried pulling over the fabric but the rip is too big to do that.

Here is the final result. Not perfect but not too shabby!

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