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Executive Summary: Uh oh Hyperdunk 2017, you might have some competition. Great all around performer at a low price point but could use more midfoot support.
Not the Adidas Explosive everyone talks about but maybe they should. Don’t worry the Crazy Explosive PK 2017 review is coming soon.

So I broke one of my rules about buying budget team shoes but it was by accident. If you don’t know my rule:

Don’t buy budget team shoes at retail because they get even cheaper more quickly than the rest.

As I was buying the Crazy explosive 2017 I had added the Explosive Bounce to the cart to look at it later and I forgot to remove it when I checked out.

Of course since it was just sitting there I tried it on and I was like hmmm this feels familiar in a good way. Fit was great right out of the box, cushioning felt great, and most importantly to me the traction looked and felt promising. So I said what the hell, I’m going to try these out and I’m glad I did. If D Lillard ever had a team shoe, this is it.

Consider this D Lillard 2 ‘s uglier but maybe better cousin, Plain Dolla.

Pros: excellent traction, cushioning, fit, support and stability, containment

Cons: midfoot support is minimal, not suggested for plantar fasciitis sufferers. Very team shoe looking if you consider that a negative thing.

Best for: all positions

Sizing: runs a little long but not like the Crazylight Boost 2016. Wide footers stay true to size, regular and narrow will probably want to go down half a size but best to try on.

Buying Advice: wait for price drops. Team budget shoes drop fast and hard. $80 range is fair bottom around $40-50


I would say 95% of shoes nowadays weigh between 14.5 to 15.5 ounces.  Pretty average weight.


I’m not sure what to call this pattern, maybe amoebas gone wild? Whatever its name, it works great, much better than the Lillard 2 especially on dusty floors. The rubber is similar to what’s found on the Crazylight Boost 2016 Non Continental which is a great thing; it is soft and pliable without picking up dust. Very minimal wiping on dusty floors with great stopping power just makes me happy.  I enjoyed this traction pattern much more than the Crazy Explosive Coral pattern. Awesome job Adidas!


Like the Lillard 2 cushioning but wish it was a a hair lower? Well here you go. Consistent from heel to toe with that signature Bounce feel. Unlike the Crazy Explosive, I had no issues with the cored out portions since Bounce is denser than Boost.

It’s really hard to see a difference in the pic above but it rides a touch lower than the Lillard 2. One thing Adidas changed from the Lillard 2 was the strobel and insole.

The Lillard uses a fiber board strobel while the XBounce uses a foam board. This makes the cushioning feel better but you sacrifice a little support which you’ll see later on.

 Lillard 2 left, Xbounce right

Adidas also used an insole similar to what you find in the Crazy Explosive which is pretty thin. This is what probably accounts for most of the difference in ride height. Sorry I couldn’t take the insole out without tearing it.

Overall, I loved the cushioning on the XBounce. Pretty close to perfect for me. Well done Adidas!

The XBounce runs a touch long but not like the Crazylight Boost 2016 or Kd IX.  Wide footers can stay true to size while regular and narrow footers will probably want to go down half a size. Best to try them on if you can if possible though.

I had no movement side to side going true to size and no heel slip from the get go.

This external TPU wrap goes all the way around the ankle and does a great job pulling the ankle back and locking it in place. It does take a little time to warm up, soften and conform to your ankle but the process is quick . Just a nice one to one fit overall after all is said and done.

Well done Adidas!


Like the textile upper of the Dame 2?
Although not “premium” per se, it is soft and flexible just like the Lillard 2. As most of you know I don’t think materials matter that much so if you’re into XXXknit you’ll want to pass on this. If it makes you feel better, we can all just call this PrmTxt or Flytxt. #rebadgeit

It’s nothing fancy but it works and that’s what counts in my book.

Support and Stability

Support is good nothing outstanding though. The ankle collar is flexible enough for full range of motion while the sturdy internal heel counter keeps your ankle in place. See below

Stability is excellent thanks to a low to the ground ride and possibly the partially caged design.

This appears to help keep the Bounce from over compressing in theory but the rubber is so soft I can’t say for certain if it’s actually helping. Either way stability is excellent even without a traditional outrigger.

Ankle support and stability aside, one thing that is missing on the XBounce is midfoot support.

Yes it is very flexible almost like the Mamba Instinct, however it does a much better job with torsional support as it isn’t nearly as twistable. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. I had no issues personally.


I was a little worried about containment but the slightly raised midsole did a good job keeping my foot in place . Very similar in height to the Lillard 2 and it runs the entire length of the shoe.  For reference my foot sits about where the midsole meets the outsole. In addition there are Adidas’s “Fly Straps” just like on the Lillard 2 to help keep the foot contained.


Rules are meant to be broken as I broke my budget baller rule but I’m glad I did. I had high hopes for the Dame 3 but the gimmicky lacing system just didn’t work for me and required wayyyy too much time tinkering to solve. I either had poor lockdown or too much lace pressure or not enough laces for a good lockdown. For what it’s worth, I think the Dame 4 will be great.

Although not the sexiest shoe I’ve ever seen, the Explosive Bounce is an excellent shoe for all types of players. Excellent traction and cushioning, great fit, good overall support, stability, and containment, what’s not to love? Oh that’s right the minimal midfoot support. It isn’t a deal breaker for me but if you’ve ever had plantar fasciitis, it isn’t worth risking weeks and weeks of trying to heal your PF. As the midsole breaks down more, expect even less midfoot support.

Will this make my rotation ? YNO? NES? It is a pretty awesome all around shoe but every shoe in my top ten meet or beat the same criteria. It is a shoe I really like playing in though and I plan to rotate it into my rotation not because it does anything better than my top 10 but because it is damn fun to play in and performs great all around.  I’d take it over the Crazylight Boost, Crazy Explosive 2016 (and 17 probably) Harden V1, Dame 2 and 3, KD 9, Curry 3, 3Zero, the list goes on and on…Definitely one of the top three this year AND LAST. 

No it doesn’t doesnt have the latest and greatest tech, a signature athlete, a famous designer or even colored laces (nothing says team shoe like white laces on black). Hell, I don’t even think there is a single ounce of marketing for these. What Explosive Bounce has is great performance without the hype. It just goes to show you that if you get basics down you can make a great shoe without the latest and greatest tech touted by company XYZ. Well done Adidas!!

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