Decided to supplement my KD and Crazylight 2016 reviews with a direct comparison with each performance aspect. It all comes down to how much weight you place on each category versus looking at how many categories each shoe won. 

Here are the full reviews

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016

Nike KD 9 

KD: 13.5 oz

Crazylight: 16


Almost all shoes work great on clean floors so the real differentiator comes down to dusty floor performance and the CLB16 outperforms the KD 9 on dusty floors. The KD flat honeycomb pattern just picks up dust while the CLB traction brushes it away. 

Verdict: Crazylight Boost 2016


Both shoes provide exceptional cushioning so it comes down to what you look for in a cushioning set up. 

The CLB set up is firmer than the KD 9. I think the KD 9 Zoom feels better though because it doesn’t get my neuromas buzzing in my feet and sits lower to the ground while retaining some serious bounce. 

Verdict: KD 9


One of the easier categories for me is the fit. I had no heel slip in the KD9 and it fit like a glove with no break in time.

The CLB16 had me having to choose between comfort and performance with true to size or half size down. I also had minor heel slip in both sizes. 

Verdict: KD 9

Support and stability

Neither is built for saving ankles but the firmer, denser Boost midsole plus the firmer heel counter, torsional shank plate and forefoot roll cage gives the CLB16 the edge. 

The KD 9 support only from the fit and a flimsy heel counter.
Verdict: Crazylight Boost 2016

Lateral containment

‘Nuff said

Verdict: Crazylight Boost 2106

Personally I can’t stand heel slip so I’d take the KD 9 over the CLB 16 but neither is making my rotation. If the CLB had zero heel slip and were made in a 10.75, I’d pick the CLB but unfortunately for me, it isn’t. The KD 9 traction is great just needs some wiping on dusty floors and lateral containment is very good for a knit upper. I hope this little comparison helps!



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