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As Many Reviews As Possible

I’m going to go with the updating format for the Nike Metcon 1, as I did when I wrote the Nano 4.0 review.  Keep checking back for review updates!


First impressions 01/22/15:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived.  I’ll try not to put too much fluff into this review but what can I say, I’m pretty freaking excited about these shoes; as I know most of us are.  Really big thanks to Nike for coming through with not only a pair of shoes, but Nike Pro Combat gear to go with it.  They’ve been really making a big push into functional fitness and it shoes all over social media.  This is a very good thing to consumers, as it gives a bit of urgency to all other manufacturers to come up with fresh new ideas for their equipment.  Nike’s a giant player in the shoe game and I’m…

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