Small prescence huge performance for a great price.  

I came across this ball and company about 2002 when the company I worked for sponsored the BCA tournament and they gave us a few corp guys a few balls for fun since our logo was on it. I used it outdoors for about 6 years until it accidently got run over by my car. It was a fantastic ball that I never used indoors so when I came across this ball on anaconda sports website for 24.95 since it was an overrun so I decided to give it a try since it had been nearly a decade and it sported some new technology.  Normally the ball is 39.99 and you can request badging I believe.

The Rock is the official ball of the McDonald’s All American game as well as some college divisions.  It isn’t as well known as Spalding, Wilson, and Nike or even Baden or Molten but they created a fantastic ball that is better in quality and feel than most of the big boys.  Look at these beautiful seams without excess glue or extra overages of paneling.  The channels are one piece and not glued together to give the ball a consistent feel and additional durability.

The main technology in The Rock is called Core to Cover but after reading the website I still have no idea what it means . Here is what the official site says:

  • This composite ball feels and plays like leather. 
  • Super tacky feel. 
  • Reinforced double ply Butyl Bladder for maximum air retention 100% Nylon wound for excellent shape retention and durability. 
  • Exclusive patented sponge rubber carcass layer for extreme softness and handling improvement. 
  • New Premium Grade Reinforced Composite material for Superior Durability. 
  • Scuff Resistant and NO Break-in Needed – Ready For Game Play! 
  • Unique Deep Pebble Channel design for best feel and grip. 

Whatever C2C is, it does its job well bc I loved playing with this ball. It required no break in time at all and was already  the perfect amount of tackiness out of the box. Overly tacky balls stick to the fingers too much and pick up loads of dirt this diminishing the overall grip of the ball while slippery balls they require break in are just frustrating to play with until they are worn in . Yes I’m talking to you Wilson Evolution.  

The channels of the ball are wider than the Evo and about the same width as the channels on the Wilson Solution ball. Come to think of it, the Rock is what you’d have if the Evo and Solution had a baby .  It has the feel and channels of the Solution but with a cover that absorbs like a broken in Evo with the absorption of the Solution . Pretty amazing ball if you ask me.

As you can see above the Rock has nice deep pebbling to give the ball more grip and feel.  Pebbling is definitely deeper than the Evo and can be felt when handling the ball.  

Regarding pricing of the ball, Anaconda sports can be found on ebates or befrugal and there are 10% off coupon codes as well. Shipping is free sometimes although I did pay the $10 shipping fee. For under 40 dollars you get a ball that is made better, feels better and outperforms the big boys. 

If you slapped a Wilson or Spalding logo on the ball you’d add a good $25 to the price considering Evos retail around $50.  But for 25 bucks this ball is a steal ! 

Fantastic ball at a great price with great build quality . Can’t beat that !!

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