I’m really picky with everything I do so when it comes to basketball shopping it drives me nuts when I have to dig through tons of balls without these defects or quality issues.  It used to never be this way when the big two,Wilson and Spalding , were smaller and less branded. Nowadays it seems like they are just making products while conceding quality but in a discreet way where the majority of consumers wouldn’t notice .

Here are my pet peeves:

Unevenly glued channels/ seams

The top ball is a Spalding tf1000  classic while the bottom ball is a wilson evolution . This is a newer run of the ball which has a glossier “wilson” on the ball. 

Here is my old Tf1000 and older Evo

Back then the companies didn’t piece the channels together or they did so meticulously. The evo actually is pieced together but it is matched almost seamlessly. The tf channels are one piece which makes putting the cover on much more difficult . I wonder if the new tf1000 that they made are created this way ? Obviously it is cheaper and easier to just glue each channel and section separately.

Uneven seams on the cover 

This drives me crazy as well. When the cover isn’t perfectly flush you can feel that excess cover . These balls aren’t even that bad compared to what else I saw. For some reason Eastbay gets the worst balls so I’ve had to send every single one back bc there even my beloved  Wilson NCAA GAME BALL. I think I tried three times to get a decent ball hit every time they came back with excess glue and slopping channels and seams. I’m guessing Eastbay gets the shitty balls from Wilson and Spalding since they know most ppl won’t know the difference or send them back.

Here is are some well made balls

The top is the tf and the bottom is the evo. Aside from being annoying to the touch, having excess hangover runs the risk of tearing or ripping cover off in its entirety.  Btw my evo is the older version with the matte name not glossy

Here is a glossy one

Also take the ball out othe packaging spin it in the air to see if it’s balance. You can see an unbalanced ball will wobble .

I hope this helps and happy ball hunting!

Btw  the Baden Perfection Elite ball Lexum is a very high quality ball with well made seams and covers.  I was impressed by the ball and hope to buy one in the future . No seam or excess cover problems . Feels like an Evo but with a better cover and similar cushioning.  Can be found at dicks sporting authority etc and not excluded from coupons which makes it about 40 to 50 dollar range usually .

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