Executive Summary: chop the collar off the mid and improve the lacing system and you have the Curry 3 Low. Simple is good, remember that UA. 

The Curry 3 Low has set the record for the shortest amount of time it has taken me to do a review since I’m already familiar with the mid…and that’s a good thing.  
If you read my Curry 3 Mid Review, one of the main issues I had was with the laces.  Despite my best efforts, the laces would loosen due to the oversized plastic eyelets around the ankle which would cause the rest of the laces to loosen resulting in a less than stellar fit. The Curry 3 Low doesn’t have that issue since it has no ankle collar and it uses a two hole eyelet like the Harden Vol 1 to keep the laces in place. There are a few other things that add up to a better fit but I’ll address those below. 

Pros: traction on clean floors or when freshly wiped, cushioning,  fit, stabilty, containment 

Cons: traction on dusty floors, some may not like Charged foam’s firmness, some very light lace pressure on top eyelet but subsides. 

Sizing: same as the mid: true to size for most, regular and narrow footers might be able to go half size down. 

Buying Advice: sign up for MyFitnessPal (no this isn’t an ad or content marketing) I got a $40 off coupon through MFP (UA bought them a few years back) and got these for $80 which is a very fair price. Expects sales or coupons soon for 20% off then price reductions. Bottom around $65


One whopping ounce less than the mid. If you say these are way lighter than the mids please go work out your legs. 


Same as the mid and definitely not as good as the Curry 2 as I’ve said before. The Curry 3 traction is more along the lines of the Curry 1/ Clutchfit Drive 1 traction. I played one of my league games where I have no issues with the Curry 2 or Dame 3 but I had to keep wiping with the Curry 3 Low just like I did with the CFD.  Still more than acceptable though. 


Almost exactly the same as the mid, similar to the Curry 2.5. As you can see above, the Low sockliner is much thinner than the mid. Why? I’m not sure. Regardless I like the quicker feel of Charged in league play and tournaments. Some days I want something softer but when it’s all on the line, quick is better for me. 


Buy the same size as the mids. True to size for most, narrow footers might want to go half size down. I have a finger width from my big toe to the end of the toe box. 

This might be the first time a low fit me better than a mid. As I stated earlier those top eyelets around the ankle caused a domino effect that loosened the entire lacing system. UA did a nice job with the lows by using a burrito wrap and using a dual eyelet system on the medial side to keep the laces locked in place.  There is a little bit of lace pressure at the top eyelet ankle but it goes away quickly. 
You can see the the medial and burrito tongue is made of Anafoam which is a nice way to relieve lace pressure.

The thing I loved most about the shoe was that I didn’t have to fiddle around, try different laces, poke holes, add a new insole or anything like that. I literally got them at my door step at 5 pm, took them out and put them in play at 7:30 this past Tuesday with zero fit issues.  Are you listening Adidas? 


Threadborne and Anafoam again just like the mids. I like the balance of strength and flexibility with this upper and prefer it to ultra soft mesh or knit uppers. 

Performance needs >>>pure comfort  

Support and Stability 
Chop off the ankle collar and you have the Curry 3 Low (sort of). Everything that was on the mid has been carried over to the low which is great. 

Support on the low comes from the fit and the heel counter and it really isn’t that much different from the mid. The mid’s collar is soft and fairly flexible so it isn’t going to save any ankle from turning. 

Although I’m not sure how much better carbon fiber’s effectiveness is versus plastic in  terms of support, real carbon fiber looks better and gives a more refined feel which in turn gives the consumer a sense of value. 

Of course there is more carbon fiber here in the midfoot shank as well. The Curry 3 Low is not an ultra bendable shoes like the Mamba Instinct. 

As far as stability, it is the same as the mid with a flat outsole and contoured forefoot. I never felt in danger of hurting myself because I knew the support systems were in place. 


Threadborne does its job and keeps the foot in place on the hardest cuts. The Curry 2 does it a little better but no complaints here. 


The Curry 3 Low is one of the few shoes that I prefer as a low over a mid. That simple changes that UA made fixed the issues I had with the mid. I wish traction was as good as the Curry 2 but just like the CFD traction, these will make the cut in terms of traction. 

Although looks aren’t a performance aspect, I find the Curry 3 Low much better looking than the mids. The blockiness of the ankle collar is gone and UA made the foam heel counter blend in with the rest of the shoe, giving the shoe a more streamlined look. Yes I’m already on two pairs thanks to MyFitnessPal coupons. 

As for where this lands in my rotation, it kind of is in, kind of isn’t in my top 10. I enjoy playing in them but I’d rather play in the Curry 2, 2.5 due to traction performance. It could replace the CFD mid or low but then I give up Micro G. But I really do like wearing them because it does everything well. 


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