Is it the shoes? Let’s hope not otherwise I should have bought some Hustle Harts.

Geez, sometimes these easy reviews make me feel like I’m cheating the readers of some quality content. Overall, the PG2 is a little lower, slightly smoother and has a little more bite than it’s predecessor.

Just to add to my content, here is an interview with the designer courtesy of Nice Kicks

Pros: traction, decent Zoom after break in, fit, stability, pretty good containment

Cons: Zoom needs time to break in foam around it

Sizing: true to size for everyone except maybe ultra wide footers

Best for: guards

Buying Advice: $110 is fair but most colorways are sitting so $90 or less is even better. Bottom around $55-60


14.5 ounces which is about the standard weight for a mid. The Kyrie 4 is the exact same weight as is the KD III. It is one ounce lighter than my PG1 in a size 11.5 though.


Sorry took these pics early on so they look really clean

Thin and pliable rubber on a multi directional pattern is always a good sign. Even with this translucent rubber, I had no issues at all except for an occasional wipe. The traction was great on the PG1 so I’m happy it improved a little. I’d expect the solid outsoles to perform slightly better.

Improvement: slightly but yes


I felt the PG1 cushioning was a bit lackluster as it mostly felt like Phylon. I guess I wasn’t the only one because this year Nike made the Zoom bag thicker from 8 mm to 10 mm. Per the interview noted above:

Some people didn’t feel the Zoom enough, so we increased it. In the 1, we had a 8mm bag that was bottom-loaded. For the 2, we’ve gone with 10, which basically means you’re standing right on top of that bag and it goes all the way to the rubber.

There is definitely more feedback and bounce with the bigger Zoom bag but it takes a little time to break in the foam that sits around it unless you can precisely put your foot onto that Zoom bag on every step.

If you check out Fastpass’s picture there really is no foam on top of the Zoom aside from the strobel board. Wow, actual truth in advertising.

Fastpass measured the bag to be 11mm so that’s a nice bonus.

There is very little protrusion from the Zoom so that kind of evens things out in terms of the use of a bigger Zoom bag but no foam on top or bottom is the real MVP.

The rest of the midsole is Phylon and it feels lower to the ground and softer overall than the PG1. Nike stuck the same ultra thick 6 mm insole into the PG2 so it does a nice job with step in comfort since it literally is directly underfoot. A typical insole like you find on the Kyrie 4 is usually 2-4 mm so this fat insole will make a difference especially with step in comfort.

Overall, cushioning feels good, softer than the PG1 with a little more fun in the forefoot. The PG2 also feels like it rides slightly lower than the PG1.

Improvement: slightly but yes


True to size unlike last year’s PG1 which was short and tight. The PG2 started off a little tight for me but loosened up with play. I think all players can go true to size with the PG2 unless you have crazy wide feet.

I had no heel slip and no movement side to side straight out of the box which isn’t a surprise at all to me. I really appreciate not having to decide between two different sizes. Thank you Nike!

Improvement: no, different type of fit same result


Mesh and a touch of suede. Although the materials are unremarkable, they way Nike put these together make it feel and look like a more expensive shoe. As I said in earlier posts PREMIUMINIZING creates a sense of value which makes a shoe feel special without breaking the bank. The materials on the PG2 are flexible and strong in the right places without break in which is what this gimme now world wants.

Improvement? Who cares

Support and Stability

The inner sock actually comes up a little higher than the PG1 but remains flexible.

Since this is a low, support comes only from the fit and the normal flex heel counter.

Stability is very good thanks to a low to the ground ride, flat outsole and forefoot outrigger

Improvement? More flexible just as stable so yes slightly


This rand across the forefoot helps keep the foot in place on hard cuts. There is a little give still since there isn’t a huge raised midsole like the PG1. It isn’t bad at all and doesn’t affect anything though but it is noticeable on hard cuts.

Improvement? No


The PG2 is one of those shoes you can buy online without trying on and not really worry about anything because it just works straight out of the box. No weird sizing, no major break in time, no major flaws and it is priced fairly at $110. It doesn’t have any real bells and whistles aside from the Paul George name but really, the PG2 is all any player would need. Is it the greatest or most fun shoe I’ve ever played in? No, but everything about it is solid. In fishing terms, this is a solid four pound keeper but nowhere a ten pound hog. Still, it’s way better than a dinker and more than enough to keep me happy.

Let’s fish PG13!

Should you buy these at retail? If you’re in a pinch for shoes, sure but if you wait a month or two or three, you’ll get a serious deal on a good shoe. The All Star color barely raised heart rates and the OKC colorway is sitting everywhere. If the PG1 clearance prices are any indication, expect these to hit $60 down the road. In the short term, $90 or less is easily attainable and fair.

Overall, just like the PG1 this is a solid second team player maybe even a first team alternate thanks to the traction. I’d like a little more Zoom but for $110 I can’t complain.

Pic courtesy of SI

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