It’s Masters Week so I felt this was appropriate.

Nike is a relative newbie in the golf world even though they entered the golf business by signing this guy back in 1997.

Nike has really improved as an equipment company but hasn’t really gained much market share despite having Tiger and Rory as the face of Nike Golf.  However, their apparel and footwear sits nicely at 1 and 2 since that’s really the core of the brand. 

I bought the first model of the Lunar Control about three years ago and the LC3 just blows them away. Actually the LC3 is one of the best golf shoe I’ve ever worn. Fantastic stability, great cushioning and traction and a nice blend of classic and modern looks.


Full length Lunarlon provides a plush yet stable ride from heel to toe. Even though I’m walking on grass, it’s always nice to just have some responsive cushioning underfoot. New tech in cushioning has only started to show up in the past few years. The original LC only had targeted Lunarlon and it wasn’t nearly as thick as the LC3 as it was just two slivers at the forefoot and heel.  

The first time I laid eyes on the LC3, the Lunarglide popped right into my head. 

Excellent transition from heel to toe. I wish all golf shoes were made like this. 

Support and Stability 

Supposedly the LC 3 was made to help stabilize Rory on his downswing and if that’s true so be it.. But the extra wide base made out of real carbon fiber really gave the shoe a solid base to work with.  No tipping or swaying just plain solid.

Hmm full length Lunarlon and carbon fiber on a shoe that retails for under $170 .. What a pleasant surprise by Nike! 



Just a standard cleat system but with added texture in the middle (green) and built in plastic spikes at the heel and toe provide excellent traction. 


I went with my normal sz 11 and these fit me perfectly.  The toe box is much more square than the first LC and I like that because my toes don’t get all bunched up as the toe box tapers into a point. 

Nice little heel counter 

I do wish the tongue was thicker but it works fine


No issues with containment thanks to the synthetic upper. I rarely have any issues with containment in golf shoes with the exception of a mesh Tiger Woods Summer Shoe a few years back. I felt like I was about to fall out of the shoe walking on hilly surfaces.


I actually wrote this in 2015 and since then the LC4 came out. I only tried the LC4 on in store and it feels almost exactly the same but slightly lower to the ground.  I’m hoping to pick some up once they hit clearance. Nike is going for an even more modern/athletic look and the LC4 is a very nice blend.

Regardless, the LC line is fantastic and has improved year over year. First few LC’s featured targeted Lunarlon and felt decent but adding full length Lunarlon made me really fall in love with this shoe. It was only a few years ago that golf shoes had a serious break in time but nowadays step in comfort is amazing from the get go. I’ve read some issues with Lunarlon going dead and compressing but I haven’t experienced that yet although I only get about twelve to fifteen rounds in per year. It’s amazing what Nike can do when they have to impress isn’t it? 

Regarding the Masters.. It’s wide open but I’m pulling for Rory because and was so nice to everyone at the Dell WGC including yours truly. 


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