I will directly compare the Curry One to the Clutchfit Drive throughout this review. 

Here is the Curry one low review

I also compared the shoe to other rising star sig shoes

Rising stars sig shoe shootout
King of the Court Shootout

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these since I love the Clutchfit Drive so much. With the addition of Charged cushioning, an adaptive cushioning that firms up when you move  as UA puts it, I really couldn’t wait.


Same pattern, same rubber , same results as the Clutchfit Drive; one of the best traction set ups I have used in the past 15 years. Not as sticky as the Kobe IX but works on every type of condition extremely well. 


Full length Micro G with a layer of Charged foam on top . Now you’d think that with an extra layer of cushioning you’d get a more plush ride but actually the opposite occurred as the Curry One is significantly firmer than the Clutchfit. The Charged foam seems to mute the feel of the bounce that I loved with just Micro G and I definitely don’t feel any difference in the cushioning whether I’m standing still or moving. SMH at myself for falling for UA marketing tricks. Overall the cushion is still great but I like feeling that response. If I had never worn the Clutchfit Drive, I probably would have liked the Charged foam more but I can’t go back in time so…Please don’t pull a Nike and take away the bounce UA. 

Btw, the shoes ride at the same height despite the extra Charged Foam layer. My guess is they took away a little bit of the Micro G to make up for the extra layer.


Went with my normal size 11 and it was perfect just like the Clutchfit. Perfectly locked down in the heel  and no side to side movement just like the Clutchfit .I noticed that the construction inside the heel collar is slightly different.

Below: Curry One

Below: Clutchfit Drive

The Curry One has more pronounced “dog bone”‘padding in the heel than the Clutchfit Drive. If only UA had put these in the collar of the Lows then you’d have a truly perfect lowtop rather than a near perfect shoe. 

Anafoam has a fabric/polyester like feel while Clutchit is more rubbery. Obviously the Anafoam breathes much better but I have never experienced any discomfort in the Clutchfit upper either. Both uppers conform very well to the foot.  Btw, the Curry One smells like paint when you first open the box. I’m guessing it’s the Anafoam since the Clutchfit didn’t smell like that.  The smell does go away in a few days.


Support comes from the external heel counter and extra layering of Anafoam while the Clutchify has a more flexible heel counter as well as footstays at the forefoot.  Both shoes feature an outrigger at the forefoot as well . 

Neither shoe is as supportiveness protective as the Rose 5 but they aren’t supposed to be; they are made to be flexible first, supportive second. I have not sprained or hurt my ankle in the Cluthfit so I expected more of the same from the Curry One and it did not dissappoint.

The areas of the Curry that has holes in them are extra layers of Anafoam for support in high stress areas namely the ankle and lateral side of the midfoot. Surprisingly, despite the lower cut, the Curry feels a more restrictive at the ankle since the Anafoam is stiffer around the ankle. You especially notice the additional stiffness when you bend your knees and your ankles flex. It isn’t a huge difference per se but just something I noticed. During a game you won’t notice it though and if you do, go bench yourself because your head isn’t in the game and you aren’t moving hard enough.


I had some concern with the containment since they took away the footstay at the forefoot and replaced it with another layer of Anafoam but my concerns were layed to rest once I played I them . My foot stayed in the footbed even when I tried to bust them out of the shoe on hard cuts and  thanks to smart engineering by UA. 

Below: nice long extended heel counter and foot stay on the Clutchfit Drive

Extra layers of Anafoam replaced the extended heel counter and footstay 


Same last, same outsole pattern, equals same great stability.

 Both shoes pass my heel test with flying colors and I have no fear of turning my ankle bc I missed a landing by a few millimeters. I’ve had severe ankle sprains in the Lebron X and Kobe IX due to instability at the heel so I’m very cautious with shoes that are prone to tipping. Very underrated but most important aspects of a shoe imo. 

The Curry One retails for $120 while the Clutchfit retails for $125 which is honestly the first time I’ve ever seen a sig shoe retails for less than a general release team shoe. Out of the new wave of sig shoes (sub $120 Lillard, Hyperchase PE, jwall, Kyrie ) is the only new sig shoe I’d actually recommend.  It does everything well at a great price point : Perfect fit, great traction, cushioning, while being supportive and stable. 


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