I was really planning on reviewing these but I just couldn’t get over the looks. I know how shallow that sounds but the monotonal color just turned me off and I don’t like the overall shape. Having previous experience with the JC3, I know what to expect from the Ether court feel wise. The Weartesters colorway looks good but I don’t think I can pull off that look either but I might grab a pair anyways.

However here are my thoughts versus the JC 3 for those of you who are thinking of picking up a pair.

Here is my original JC 3 review

JC3 Review
This is my third attempt with Brandblack. I enjoyed the JC 2 and 3 but the total lack of lateral containment on both pairs had me looking elsewhere. 

The Ether is essentially the JC3 ( the box is even the same ) but with some minor tweaks to the upper. But those minor tweaks should make a huge difference in the shoe’s lateral containment, which was really poor on the Jc2 and 3. 

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, materials, support stability, much better containment than JC3, $40 less than JC3

Cons: rides a little high, looks are an acquired taste

Same weight as the JC 3 with shroud. 


Same pattern as the JC3 but no longer translucent. Should be as good or better than the JC3


Same as the JC3 which I thought was the highlight of the shoe. It just feels great yet stable thanks to the Vector plates.

I went with my normal size 11 and these fit me perfectly. Since the upper is composed of mesh and suede, the fit is just tighter with little to no stretching. 

The suede used isn’t some cheap sh*t either. I know this may shoe my age but right when I touched these I thought of the old Ellese suede  shoes from the early 90’s. I can’t even find pics of these online.

The inner ankle collar is the same as the JC3 as well do you’re locked in at the heel.

Support and stability

Think JC3 with the shroud in terms of support. The use of suede around the ankle really firms and thickens it up. 


As I stated earlier the JC2 and 3 had terrible containment for me. I could feel my foot sliding off the footbed due to the woven and mesh upper of each sho

However,thanks to the changes in material, and layering, the toe box isn’t flimsy and stretchy like the JC3. These should contain the foot well on hard cuts and will definitely do better than the JC2 and 3.

Extra lateral piece helps with containment.

Brandblack’s Ether is an acquired taste in terms of looks. It has a very SoCal/skater/industrial look that I can’t pull off.  If you liked the JC3 but wanted more lateral containment, you’ll enjoy the Ether. 

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