I’ve been meaning to write this review for months but haven’t had the chance to due to the numerous non stop releases of hoop shoes. Adidas Golf released these at the beginning of 2016 and I knew from past Tour 360 shoes that these would be fantastic. Adidas improved upon an almost iconic golf shoe, the Tour 360. 

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, stability, materials

Cons: retail is $200

Sizing: true to size

Buying advice: lots of sale to be had now since it’s the end of the year. Nobody but Nike really does ultra limited edition in golf because there aren’t hype beasts in golf


19 ounces is a little heavier than normal by a few ounces for a golf shoe but not outlandish. 

Can’t go wrong with a traditional spike set up. 

But Adidas enhanced the traction with extra nubs throughout the entire outsole including the midfoot. 

I played Torrey Pines in April in these and contrary to belief, it does rain in Southern California but I didn’t slip a bit

Great job Adidas!


It took many many many many many years for golf shoes to get any technological upgrades but footwear companies are finally giving golfers the good stuff. Part of the delay was probably due to golf being played on grass where the benefits of premium cushioning can get lost. However, walking 18 holes in Boost, Lunarlon, Ignite foam (Puma), Zoom Air can be a relief for tired feet. The last thing any golfer wants is to be distracted by tired feet coming in. 

As we all know Boost has been the toast of the town lately and the implementation of Boost into the Tour 360 is excellent. However it isn’t ultra soft like the Ultra Boost. Millimeters count in golf and if the cushioning compresses too much it could (in theory) cause the player to miss the sweet spot of the club. 

All that being said, the Boost feeling is muted since it is sandwiched but you can still feel it working. I’m so happy Adidas finally gave us forefoot and heel Boost. 

Great job Adidas !


These fit true to size in my normal 11. I actually went with an 11 wide since I actually had the option and I have wide feet (duh). Perfect fit all the way around with no dead space or heel slip. 

Part shoe horn part heel slip stopper, this heel extension just works

If only sizing were this simple with their bball shoes. 

Great job Adidas!


The Leatherman would approve of the Tour 360 Boost

Soft and supple high quality leather. Almost as good as the original Tour 360 LTD which cost me $250 back in the day (still an awesome golf shoe). 

The leather on this Tour 360 isn’t quite as soft but still damn good. Leather, look into to it kiddos. Can’t beat that smell. 

Support and Stability

The Tour 360 wrap works just as well back in 2007 as it does now. It wraps all the way around and under the midfoot (thus the term 360)

The Tour 360 Boost is extremely stable thanks to wide flat base. This allows the player to feel low to the ground and push off the ground to maximize force without worrying about losing balance. It’s no wonder Dustin Johnson and Jason Day wore these all year.

 *Day did sign with Nike and he will love the Lunar Controls as well. Similar flat outsole platform*


Containment isn’t an issue in golf unless we’re talking super thin mesh like the old summer TW’s. That was the only golf shoe I’ve ever worn that I hated because of the upper. 

The Tour 360 Boost does a great job though thanks to the 360 wrap as well as the leather upper. 


I loved my Tour 360 LTD back in the day and Adidas basically brought them back, upgraded the cushioning and lowered the price. It’s such a simple and clean looking golf shoe that just works. According to Adidas, it has more wins on tour than any other shoe this year.. and I believe it. Great job Adidas!


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