Here’s a coupon code for $10 


*as of today 10/7 there is a full size run, some sell out huh?*

I’ve been doing this whole shoe thing for nearly twenty years and the fake sellout sh*t is so irritating. Jordan Brand obviously commands the space of limited footwear so it really annoys me that Brandblack “sold out” on 11/03 and “restocked” two days later on Finishline 11/05. Maybe it was Finishline that wanted to do the fake sellout but not likely given Brandblack’s history. 
Trying to be cool isn’t the same thing as actually being cool so please stop with this garbage Brandblack. All companies do it except maybe Adidas because they understand their stuff doesn’t have a Jumpman logo (yeezy’s are different i suppose but I’m not into those anyways). 

I was thinking of doing a review on the Rare Metal but now I’m peaved and may wait for a wider release as prices drop. We all know how great the JC3 sold haha. At least the Rare Metal doesn’t have a super inflated price because it had Jamal Crawford’s name on it. Thanks for reading my rant. 

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