*adidas.com 30% off*

I wrote a post last month about Balling on a budget and pretty much everything I said that would fall in price has. Excess inventory equals price cuts for everyone and Amazon loves to move inventory so their prices change frequently. 

Here are some good deals on Amazon:


Crazy Explosive

The black neoprene pair was actually $130 a few days before I bought a pair at $96. Going to retest with solid outsole and see if the thin forefoot is any thicker


Crazy Explosive PK

Rose 7

Rose 7 PK

Crazylight Boost 2016
Check out Dick’s Sporting Goods for Hyperdunk price drops

$109 plus can use coupons on them

Hyperdunk 2016
$149 plus coupon eligible

Hyperdunk Flyknit


Kb Mentality ii
As I stated in my previous post all “budget” models go on sale quickly so they really aren’t a good deal at all. 

Even Nike.com has dropped Hyperdunk prices

Hyperdunk Flyknit


Kobe XI EM


Kobe XI Elite 

Tons of budget models are down as well but too many to name. 

Wait on these though since another clearance code will come around Black Friday 

And of course Curry 2.5’s are everywhere for $99 or less. (Finishline and dicks in particular). 

Curry 2.5

And Clutchfit Drive 3’s


CFD 3 low

$109 coupon eligible 
CFD mid
Is this the bottom ? No there’s always another $10 to $20 more to be save but not too shabby IMO. Good luck!

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