Dame Dolla dropped a new song while Adidas dropped a better shoe for DLillard. 

I decided to make this Shoesic video because it’s not often a sig shoe player has a song out at the same time. I did this all with iMovie on my phone so please forgive the amateurish state as this was my first attempt at anything like this . Hell I’ve never used iMovie !  

 The D Lillard 1 was a beautiful looking shoe especially for $105 . It didn’t have all the latest and greatest technology because Dame wanted to make it affordable.  They were comfortable and had great traction but the heel fit was so sloppy I never really used it on court. I did make a few Mi Adidas though and Dame favorited it (he does that for everyone,  I know but it’s still cool). 

This year, Adidas gave the D Lillard 2 a little more oomph technologically speaking with engineered mesh and Bounce cushioning .

Pros: traction on clean/lighly dusty floors, cushioning, fit,  stability, containment

Cons: some heel slip initially but locks in after a few wears, dust inhibits traction performance 

Best for: any position 

Sizing: go half size down unless you’re Fred Flintstone



16 oz which is slightly heavier than the 

Kyrie 2 (14.5) 

Curry Two (14)


The Lillard 1 pattern worked great and looked strikingly similar to the Rose 5 pattern. This year ( this model ) went with a story telling multidirectional outsole. I actually like how it looks  

  It works really well on clean and lightly dusty floors but it picks up dust and needs to be wiped to keep it tacky. I wasn’t slipping badly but it didn’t bite nearly as well. Adidas seems to be searching for a balance between tackiness and outsole design (shallow grooves) lately with the DRose 6 and these. 

One night I tested it on a very dirty floor against my Clutchfit Drives and they pretty much performed the same due to all that dust they both picked up. Overall the pattern works well but like most outsoles, you have to wipe to keep it tacky on very dusty floors.  I put these slightly behind the Clutchfit Drive/Curry One traction but still very good overall. I still prefer the traction on the DLillard 1 though due to overall consistency and tack. 



Adidas upgraded the Lillard 2 set up and gave it the Bounce treatment. This is my first time with Bounce and I was extremely pleased. 
Adidas made the cushioning dual density so it’s firmer on the outer portions for stability and quickness while soft in the middle for impact protection and it works perfectly. Soft on landings without lag on cuts and change of direction.

You can see the thicker sock liner ( I couldn’t pull it out without ripping) which helps with step in comfort.  Despite being dubbed a “budget” cushioning set up, Bounce is great. It isn’t as lively as Boost or Micro G but it is softer than Charged while being more lively  than Charged and Lunarlon. It feels a lot like Jetlon but with a more dense feeling. 

Overall the cushioning set up feels thicker then most guard oriented shoes from heel to toe.  Adidas didn’t skimp in the forefoot  yet retained court feel. Maybe Nike should steal some Adidas technology and learn how to do this for the Kyrie 2.  

Well done Adidas! 

I bought a 10.5 which is half a size down from my normal 11 simply because they ran out of size 11 on December 26th. It runs a little shorter than my normal 11 but I’m glad I went with 10.5 because these run slightly long and wide.  

These are next to my 11.5 energy Boost 2m which run small by half a size 
I had no movement side to side or front to back with the 10.5. 

* be careful when tightening the first set of laces. I tore the strap and adidas is sending a replacement *

The Lillard 1 had major heel slip and Adidas really fixed the heel slip issue by contouring and padding the ankle collar. 

The entire inner sleeve runs from heel to toe to give a sock like fit while the rest of the upper adds strength and support to the shoe. 

  It took a few wearings but it eventually got locked down well.  I can still feel some heel slip when the laces loosen during play  but it is an acceptable amount similar to what I had with the Curry One Low.  I have a difficult time finding a low that locks me in but these work great for me. 
One of my favorite features of the upper that is hidden is the inner skeleton that runs along the medial and lateral side .


These really clamp down the foot. The remind me of brake pads for some reason. 

Materials are more malleable than I typically prefer ( I’m not a fan of wovens) but with the inner skeleton I had no problems at all. 
Engineered mesh/jacquard are soft and pliable and require no break in time . Only problem is scuffing and tearing with toe draggers. 


Here are some side by side shots for comparison 
Support and Stability 

There isn’t much going on in terms of support other then the fit, forefoot outrigger and the heel counter. 

Stability is fantastic though with a split heel ( I really like this trend ) that allows more of the heel to touch the ground rather than tipping . The Lillard 2 easily passed my heel test. 

Here are some side by side shots of the heel do you can see the difference  


Despite the mesh upper, containment is good thanks to the inner skeleton I mentioned previously. It adds strength where needed and allows the shoe to retain flexibility. My foot stayed in the footbed even on hard cuts. 


Adidas is really showing me that they are indeed serious about the basketball shoe market. Why they didn’t realize how big the market was before 2015 is beyond me but I’m glad they are finely applying themselves.

The D Lillard 2 is a major step up from the 1. Adidas didn’t change the price at all from last year yet improved  the cushioning and more importantly the fit. I personally love this Rip City colorway because it feels retro but looks fresh and different. Slap these on Magic Johnson and his short shorts and they wouldn’t stand out even in 80’s. As I’ve said before, a signature shoe should reflect the player ( thus the term duh) and these feel like Dame and his Dame Dolla persona really had input on how the shoe should look and feel. I wish the traction was better on dusty floors but everything else improved a ton without a change in price. Well done Dame and Adidas! 


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