To simplify all the reviews and comparisons I did on UA’s recent releases, here is a quick summary for easy reference with the links to each review. 

I mean the all look pretty damn similar so it’s hard to differentiate and they all pretty much perform the same and are all pretty much for guards.

Clutchfit Drive 2 $125

Clutchfit Drive 2 Performance Review

Great all around performer but very little Clutchfit material and boring design. Pure Charged cushioning is an upgrade over the Curry One set up

Torch 4 $95

Torch 4 Performance Review

Well put together budget shoe. Too much deadspace in forefoot and containment issues but everything else is excellent.

The Frankenshoes 
Clutchfit Lightning 2 $95

Lightning Comparison Review

Basically the Clutchfit Drive 1 but with dumbed downed materials. Poor build quality but everything else almost identical to CFD 1
Prodigy $115

Prodigy Comparison

Half Clutchfut Drive 1, half Curry One 
Half the upper is Clutchft while the rest is synthetic. Tooling is exactly the same as the Curry One. 

Clutchfit Drive Highlight 2 $129

Clutchfit Highlight 2 Comparison Review

Half Clutchfit Drive 1 half Curry One
My favorite of the Frankenshoes. Full Clutchfit upper with Curry One tooling. 

I hope this guide helps.  I’m just waiting on the Curry Two as is the rest of UA consumers. Especially at $130 price point. 

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