Coming to a Marshall’s near you in the next 12 months

If you like the cushioning of the Curry One Low but prefer the silouette of the Clutchfit Drive, Under Armour just made you your perfect shoe with some leftover parts from this past season.

I know it’s common practice to make a shoe out of another shoe’s parts (see 2014 Hyperrev becoming the Lunar Quickness) but UA has a huge opportunity to take advantage of Curry’s success. I guess if a consumer has never seen the Clutchfit Drive, the Prodigy will be new and original to them. At least UA made a nice performing shoe for a very nice $115 price point. Eastbay already has them coupon eligible so I got these for $92 which is a damn good price for a shoe that performs exactly like the Clutchfit Drive with the tooling of the Curry One. I think they should have called these the Team Curry One 

  See how much better they look with a splash of a Splash Brother ?
I did not wear these, I only bought them to check them out.

Here is a quick synopsis of what I have observed.

Weight: 15oz


Clutchfit Drive 1 14oz

Clutchfit Drive 2 15.5 oz

Curry One 15 oz

Clutchfit Lightning: 13.5 oz

Exactly the same as the Curry One Low including the Ortholite insole.

Exactly the same as the Curry One


Exactly the same fit as the Clutchfit Drive 1. No deadspace side to side, no heel slippage. The tongue is more plush on the Prodigy which I like. Only half the shoe is Clutchfit though but the synthetic they use is sturdy and thick albeit cheap looking.  


Support and stability 

Same tooling as the Curry One although the heel counter is really short. There is an internal counter as well so still no worries. These even have the tiny shank plate that the Curry One has.


Since I didn’t wear these on court I couldn’t really test this but based on the fit and my experience with the Clutchfit Drive, I don’t see this being an issue.


All in all, this shoe does everything well just like its donor shoes, the Clutchfit Drive and Curry One. At $115 (minus 20%) on Eastbay, it isn’t a bad price but why would I buy the Prodigy when I can get the Clutchfit Drive I on clearance at under $90? I get full Clutchfit coverage, pure Micro G including the insole, for a lot less money. In my opinion UA wasted time and money making these. They could have just made more Curry Ones. Or if they were hellbent on making these, just slap an SC logo on there, call them the Curry Team I, sell them at $105 and they would have sold like Curry’s J.. Quick

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