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Believe it or not, I watch my money and I’ve been doing this shoe collecting thing for almost twenty years so I know a bit about how the shoe game works. 

Do not watch a review and click that link. Basically you just watched a 7 minute commercial and your urge to buy is at an all time high. It’s one reason I don’t do YouTube videos and why I try to always mention prices in all my reviews. Be patient and your wallet will thank you. Just think how many other shoes you can buy when get marked down 30% to 50%. 

Why do shoe companies make you think that the shoe will sell out?

It is to create a sense of urgency and entice you to buy now at a higher price rather than later. Buying now and at a higher price puts more money in their business sooner than later which obviously makes sense for any company so you really can’t knock it but for a sensible, smart and educated consumer, it makes CENTS to wait (thanks I’ll performing at the Laugh Factory all week)

When you get on message boards or Instagram  and see all these people with shoes you didn’t get even if you didn’t want them initially, it makes you want them for some psychological reason.  Call it “the girl you couldn’t get ” syndrome. I think Complex wrote an article about this a few months back it but I digress…


Let’s start at the top with the brand that pretty much invented the art of the fake sellout, Jordan Brand.


What’s the last Jordan that was hard to obtain? XXX3 Motorsports? That’s for collectors anyways but the XX3 wasn’t difficult to get as they hit clearance and outlets. Maybe the OG XIII but that was nearly two decades ago. Anything past the XX3 has been super easy to get with big reductions in prices. AJ XX9 and XXX can be found for sub $120 prices easily. I expect the XXX1 to be in the same ballpark. Jordan Brand actually got less dumb (not smarter) and realized that they can charge more for retros than their current models..only took them 17 years to figure that out. The Banned XXX1 did sell out this past weekend ..for now , just like the AJ XXX launch colorway and now they are just sitting. I saw the black XXX on clearance for $110 shipped so just be patient. No magic of MJ on court equals lower prices. 

Nike Sig Shoes

Lebrons, Kobes, KD’s, Kyrie’s definitely aren’t immune to drastic price cuts either. You could find the Lebron XIII, KD 8, and Kobe’s for nearly half off on Nike.Com during clearance time.  Nobody can sell a shoe like MJ, not even his own company. 


Nike and JB have the strongest brand so their prices take a bit longer to fall because any casual consumer will gravitate towards Nike first. Adidas just launched the Crazy Explosive and Drose 7 this month and I’ve already found them on Amazon for $98-103

Eastbay even lifted its coupon restrictions on its Drose 7 Primeknit after ONE WEEK making it $128. And don’t forget about Adidas’s famous 30% coupon codes that seem to come once or twice a year. Of the big three, Adidas prices seem to take the biggest pounding the fastest. No loveable superstar like Curry or Lebron to keep prices afloat really hurts their prices. Bad for Adidas, great for us. 

Under Armour

Under Armour really should have made more Curry Ones in 2015 while the iron was hot as eBay prices were outrageous. Some PEs still are

They could have gained market share and put UA onto consumers’ feet but instead they decided to wait and make a plethora of Curry 2’s and 2.5’s which are just sitting everywhere since GSW lost this year. Currys (Curries?) have a pretty low sink rate because of Curry himself but I’ve seen them still sell as low as $80 but those were snatched up quickly. 

Believe it or not UA sells other basketball shoes not named Curry. And those simply don’t sell.  I’ve seen the CFD 2, Lightnings, CFD 1,Torch 4’s etc. at Marshalls for $35. UA needs to cut down on all the extraneous models and focus on three or four. Scrap the ultra low end Jets also. 

Budget and Team Models

Budget models are your best bet to save money and that’s why I never suggest buying them at retail. They have no sig players endorsing them, use cheaper materials and have a poor image perception from the general public even if they are great performers. Look at the Hyperrev 2016. One of my favorites of 2016 Priced at $109 and they hit Nike clearance for under $60 by mid year. 

Team models such as the Hyperdunk, Crazylight, and Clutchfit Drive also see significant drops in price because they aren’t sig player and they are made in way too many colorways. 

The Other Brands

I love rooting for the small guy but in the world of sneakers, the small guy isn’t worth much. 

Let’s look at Brandblack. When the JC 3 launched in their website, I tried buying them as soon as the link was up for $160 but to no avail since they were “sold out” immediately.
Now Finishline (which you guys know I hate) has them for $48.99 in black and red and $69.99 for other colorways. 

The Way of Wade is popular among collectors but at $190 just wait a year and they should but below $90. 

When is the best time to buy?

Usually summer, back to school and near the start of the new season are the best times. New releases are coming out and every retailer has to clear out last year’s models for the new ones. I picked these up off Finishline last night in a size 11 since I had an expiring $20 reward. 

   Nike typically has a 20 to 25% off clearance four to six times per year while Adidas does a 30% sale maybe once or twice a year.

Discount stores

If you have a discount store like Marshall’s or Ross, go check them out. I found these recently

As well as Clutchfit Drive I, II, Spawns and Torch 4. Even some Hyperdunks, Hyperrevs, Run the Ones etc…all around the $50 or less mark. 

Moral of the story, don’t buy on release day or month, your dream kicks aren’t going anywhere. 

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