Finally the Wilson Evolution has reached “Perfection”… just by another company 


Since most everyone has used the Wilson Evolution I figured it would be easiest to review it and compare the Badens directly to the Evo.  The Evo feels great in hand but during actual game play, my main gripes are :

  1. Sweat doesn’t get absorbed and makes the ball slippery
  2. Inconsistent bounce due to the cushioning (dead spots). It’s frustrating to be dribbling and the ball doesn’t come up as high as expected for no reason. 

The Baden Perfection balls fixed both of those problem.

Here is what Baden says about their balls and why they are better:


Better symmetry for consistent balance.. Makes sense to me    

I can verify all the info above is true but not sure if any of us can tell a difference in every day play.

I will say I love the small valve they use it looks way cleaner.

The Covers 

According to Baden, the Element is the new and improved version of the Elite which makes no sense from a naming standpoint . Elite means it’s the cream of the crop while Element means the basis of something ..

I loved the cover of the Elite ball because it blended a soft tacky leathery feel with the cushion of an Evo with no slickness even when wet.

The Element feels more like an Evo cover so the leathery tackiness is gone and has that dry touch feel. I didn’t experience any slickness with this ball either so if you like the Evo cover, this is your ball.




Both balls have the same channel design. They are made extremely well with no glue spots or sloppy seams.

 Below: Element . Most balls glue the channels all along the seams seen below but the Perfection ball only uses two pieces.  
Below : only place where channels come together is in the middle from two pieces = less prone to breakage, less glue, better balance

 Below : Elite

Below: Elite


Almost the exact same amount of cushioning behind the panels as the Evo so if you like the Evo you’ll love these balls. I didn’t experience dead spot bounces like I did with the Evo but then again I seem to be the only one who notices the dead bounces. 


Scuffs don’t really show up like they do on the Tf1000. I found this old Elite ball at my sons basketball camp and it still felt great even though it was run through the ringer. 

  And yes that’s a KD Sonic slushy in the back 

Air valve 

 I just think this is brilliant and gives the ball a clean look. 



If you like the Wilson Evolution but wanted a better cover or a more consistent bounce, these are your balls. The Element is so similar to the Evo that you’d have a hard time telling the difference if you closed your eyes. I like the cover of the Elite better than the Element but it comes down to personal preference. I found the Element ball on sale at Kohls for $39 while the Elite runs about $47.  Baden used to have a larger prescence about twenty years ago but Wilson and Spalding have grown so much that Baden got pushed out of the market.  If you want a better ball or you’re tired of looking through rows of Evos looking for your ball give these a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


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