Review is up now 

Curry Two Performance Review
My cousin did me a solid .. 

Don’t know why the hell they are so expensive in Asia though. Doesn’t UA know that Asians are cheap ?  It doesn’t make sense to charge 50% more in countries with average incomes two thirds or less that of the U.S.. At least make the price the same world wide so it’s more accessible for everyone . A $130 shoe in the US is $200 in Asia and take into account average income in some country’s, the shoe costs in essence $300 to $400. 

I really don’t get it and am disappointed with the pricing and logic in that. I know the US is the trend setter so it’s better to have a lower price here but that’s just way off line. Just charge $140 everywhere and everyone is happy .

Anyways, excited to see how these perform. I think these look great in every colorway. 


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