Kyrie 3 Review

Kyrie 3 vs Dame 3

Randy is right handed

Randy learned how to shoot with his left about three weeks ago

Randy’s left handed shot is pure

Be like Randy and work on your game

If you didn’t watch the video

Randy said he really enjoyed the traction (yes!!) the firm cushioning set up, the fit and the shoe overall.  He liked them more than the Dame 3 for his game and style of play. The most important thing he said in the video is that a shoe isn’t going to fix your ailments and knee pains. It’s best to address the problem directly and fix that weakness rather than band aid it with a shoe. I 110% agree and I’m going to try to post some videos on some simple body weight exercises for strengthening your muscles to take the pressure off your knees. If you choose to do them great, if not keep taking Advil. 

I just got my Kyrie 3 in last week and they start off very tight but have broken in fairly quickly. Cushioning is definitely firm like the 2 which I personally don’t like since I have neuromas in my feet. I know Randy liked them but not everyone has the same taste and needs.  Maybe it will soften up we will see. Traction should be good as Randy stated as well. I went true to size although I could have gone up half a size. I hope to get my review done in the next few weeks as I’m done with the Kobe AD review. 

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