What do you get when you mix then Kobe 8 with the Zoom Crusader with the KD VI with the Hyperdunk with the …well you get a quasi sig shoe with a fairly modest price tag that performs like a role player.

PROS: Heel lockdown, lightweight with good support , best traction on a Harden shoe

CONS: Very firm and stiff drop in insole (yes you can swap it with Kobe IX, Lebron XI insole ,   Feels like the Run the One underfoot, super narrow

SIZING: went with my normal sz 11 and wish I went up a half size or full size . Length wise was fine by man they are narrow. I guess Harden likes to feel like he’s wearing ballet shoes.

I added the Hyperchase to the lowtop shootout so you can see how it stacks up

Lowtop shootout

Head to Head Run the One vs Hyperchase

Run the One vs Hyperchase

Rising star sig shoe shootout

Rising star shoe shootout


Compared to the Run The One and Zoom Crusader, this traction is easily the best of the three. Compared to the Kobe IX and Clutchfit , these hold their own as well . Not super sticky but they work surprisingly well, around Hyperrev 2015 level  If you want to put a number on it:  9/10. The rubber isn’t as soft as the above mentioned shoes but it works well with the bolt/nut pattern.



These have a drop in insole and is made of some PU that feels much harder than the Run the One cushioning set up.  It is super stiff and difficult to bend and doesn’t really have any bounce to it but I guess that’s what The Beard asked for.  It does break in after a few hours and feels much better but still isn’t anything special. It seems as if Nike took the foam surrounding the Zoom in the Run the One and made it an insole . Smh . Sadly the Run the One feels more plush since it has the luxury of an insole sitting on top of the cushioning set up.

Above: the IX insole looks wider but only bc the side walls make it look wider. Fits perfect.

Took some work to bend this like this .. Seriously

Much easier to bend Kobe IX insole

Swapping out the insole makes a world of difference to say the least. The IX insole gives you some bounce, is lighter and is way more flexible. Of course if you already have the insole you probably have the Kobe IX so no real need to switch shoes.



If Under Armour made their Speedform Apollo in a bra factory , these must have been made in a corset factory… Geez

Above: see how narrow the heel is?

Above: See how narrow the shoe ‘s silhouette is?

Lengthwise was fine in my normal sz 11 but they have got to be the narrowest shoes I have ever worn.  They hurt a little to wear initially since I have wide feet but I got used to them and the narrow fit .(didn’t say I liked them). The last the use is narrow just like the Run The One and Kyrie One and it just isn’t for me. I definitely could have gone up at least half a size and been fine but these sold out quickly so had to make do with the sz 11.

Above: one last comparison pic. Very similar in shape and size

Lockdown in the heel was great and I felt zero heel slippage which is rare for me in lows. No movement side to side thanks to the corset like tight fit.

I was surprised that the non linear lace set up ala the KD VI worked well. I had extreme heel slip in the KD VI but not in these.


All of the support comes from the one piece heel counter and midsole and it does a good job supporting and locking the foot in place.

Flywire and a slightly raised midsole is upfront to hold the forefoot in place.   I don’t believe Flywire does anything but add color and design so really the support comes all from the midsole and heel counter.

Above: my finger is about 2 mm below where the mesh and midsole meet so not much support up front.

Below: Colorful string, I mean Flywire


Overall stability is pretty good despite the narrowness of the shoe. But it did not pass my heel test like the Run the One and Crusader did. Nike slightly beveled the heel just like in the Kobe IX and if I miss a landing just a touch on the heel like I did in the IX I already know my ankle is toast . Also there is no outrigger on these like the Run The One has. This is one of the lowest feeling lows I’ve tried since the Kobe 8 so that stability is needed.

Above: collar sits right below my ankle bone, the maleollus


Meh. Flywire and a barely raised midsole didn’t hold my feet in too well especially with a drop in insole. Constantly felt my foot come out the footbed and get that pinch between the insole and upper that I always get with drop ins. If the sidewalls were higher and firmer then I probably wouldn’t have this issue. Actually when put the IX insole in it helped a lot but overall it isn’t very good on hard cuts. Flywire is pretty though.


bobble head james’ face about sums it up

This is a beautiful shoe but beauty is skin deep; this shoe really isn’t that great of a performer. It does have better traction than the Run the One if you are really wanting a Harden sig shoe to play in but not really worth the price jump imo. I do recommend going up a half size or more and maybe I should reserve judgement too but the lackluster cushioning and lack of containment just turned me off. There are a lot better shoes out there for $120 range including the Curry One, Clutchfit high (125) and Low (110), even the Hyperrev 2015 (129).

 Also worth noting is Harden had switched back to the Run the One

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