Why change perfection ? 

I picked this ball up on a clearance sale just to see how it actually played and it wasn’t ass bad as I assumed it would be but it isn’t anywhere close to as good as the original TF 1000.

The Cover

The Legacy Tf1000 is the first major rehaul of the beloved ZK composite cover and it feels like a cross between rubber and composite leather but definitely feels more like rubber which is a no no for a premium ball.  I can tell this ball’s inspiration is the Wilson Solution NCAA ball


At least the channels are made well.

However, I feel that Spaldibg erred by making the cover TOO absorbent and rubber like.  The Wilson Solution is a perfect balance of absorption, feel and playability; it doesn’t feel quite like leather but it doesn’t feel cheap and rubbery either.


First impressions go a long way especially with basketballs.  Stick five different balls in front of some players and they will dribble a few with each to see how they bounce but ultimately pick the ball they like the best based on feel (that’s why the Evolutiion wins almost every time, it feels great in hand and to the touch ).  There is enough cushioning under the cover just like the original TF but the rubbery feel of the cover just distracts from that positive. 


Despite the rubbery feel, the cover does a very good job of absorbing sweat.  Unlike the Evo, sweat didn’t cause any slippage with this ball.  Spalding created this cover for better grip and it delivers.


All of this goes back to the cover and the cover is very durable. Hell, it still looks new and only darkened slightly due to sweat and dirt (it is much darker than the Wilson Solution ball to start).  Fingernail scratches don’t show up on the cover like they do on the TF or Evo either which is a plus but more just a cosmetic thing.


Probably one of the biggest disappointments since New Coke, the TF Legacy is a very good ball but loses points because it replaced one of the best balls ever made.  A $50 ballshould  feel like a $50 ball right out of the box, not a $15 ball even if it does everything it is supposed to. For the $50 price point, there are plenty of choices that i’d recommend over the TF Legacy: Wilson evolution, Wilson Solution, Baden Perfection, the Rock .. Well every ball I have reviewed really lol. 

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