I make things out of clay, I live by the bay, I like to eat hay?  Thank you, Dr. Seuss 

I have to admit that Adidas’s new lineup is very strong and each shoe seems to be made for a specific type of player. I decided to break down each aspect to help everyone out. 

Here are the full reviews 

Rose 7

Crazylight Boost 2016
Crazy Explosive


  1. Crazylight Boost 2016: 16 oz
  2. CrazyExplosive: 17.5
  3. Rose 7: 17.5 to 18 


  1. Rose 7 (solid outsole) 
  2. Crazylight Boost 2016
  3. Crazy Explosive    
  4. Rose 7 (translucent)

All three are excellent performers but the Rose 7 and CLB 16 required almost no wiping in dusty courts. The CE needed some wiping and didn’t bite as hard as the other two or the Rose 6. 


This is a tough one to rank but I’ll break down heel, forefoot and overall 


  1. Crazy Explosive
  2. Crazylight 2016 and Rose 7

The CE feels great in the heel and feels similar to what you’d feel in a runner. The CLB 16 and Rose 7 both have a set up that is firmer that last year’s Rose 6. 


  1. Crazylight Boost 2016
  2. Rose 7
  3. Crazy Explosive

The CLB16 has a very even feeling from heel to toe with very little toe drop or reduction in Boost feel. It does play higher off the ground than the other two but that’s up to the player to decide if they like that feeling. 

    The Rose 7 feels thinner at the forefoot for enhance court feel but the main cause of that is the firm strobel board between the cheap insole and the Boost. The 5 and 6 used cloth to enhance the Boost feel. I remedied this firmer feel with a thicker insole. The Primeknit Rose 7 has a thicker insole to remedy this but it still feels cheap. 

    The Crazy Explosive is too thin for my taste at 180 lbs and is as thin as my Energy 2m running shoes in the forefoot. Some people will like this feel but it’s not for me as inexperienced bottoming out. 


    1. Crazylight Boost 2016
    2. Rose 7
    3. Crazy Explosive 

    If Adidas put the CLB16 cushioning on all three of these, I’d be in heaven. Just a nice balance of cushioning heel to toe. 


    This is kind of tricky because each shoe has its strengths in terms of fit. 


    1. Crazy Explosive
    2. Crazylight Boost 2016
    3. Rose 7 

    No deadspace at all with the top 2. Rose 7 had a little deadspace but I fixed that with an insole swap. The Rose 7 Primeknit has a thicker insole so there is less deadspace to start. 


    1. Rose 7
    2. Crazy Explosive
    3. Crazylight Boost 2016

    The Rose 7 just sucks the heel down and back which I love. The Crazy Explosive has an inner bootie and Geofit padding to assist with lockdown but the lacing system is too easy to loosen. I experienced minor heel slip with the the CLB16 due to the cut and low padding. Acceptable but still there. 


    1. Rose 7 with insole swap or PK version
    2. Crazy Explosive 
    3. Crazylight Boost 2016

    I achieved the one to one fit I like with a thicker insole swap. I don’t mind the little deadspace bubble as it doesn’t affect play at all. 


    All three are very stable so I’ll just rank the support 

    1. Rose 7
    2. Crazy Explosive
    3. Crazylight Boost 2016

    The Rose 7 actually has some meat and strength around the ankle area while the Crazy Explosive is a runner disguised as a high. Not much difference in support with the CE and CLB16 despite the lower cut. I will say I love the extra wide flat outsole of the Crazy Explosive that makes it very stable. 


    Tie all great . Thank you Adidas!

    Hope this little exercise helps! 


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