Big Grazie and shout out to reader Daniele66 for coming up with solution that should fix even the most fickle ankles and heels. 

As many of you have read on my Rose 6 review, I didn’t like the lock down I was achieving so I made an extra eyelet and it helped tremendously. 

The CLB16 was so close to a great low top for me but the sizing and heel slip frustrated me so it was assigned only to shoot around and drill duty.. until now. 

Daniele66 commented on the CLB review about his “Schwollo” inspired mod (I wept a little when he told me) and after some consideration I decided I had nothing to lose.. and you shouldn’t either. Even if the extra eyelet doesn’t work for you for some odd reason, it is covered by the plastic piece so you’ll never see it. 

So what do you need ? Just a leather belt hole punch or drill and two minutes. The belt punch can be found at Amazon here for a whopping $8

Leather hole punch 

Putting in metal eyelets is optional since the hole is where Adidas reinforced it with TPU. I may add them in the future if I think it’s needed but so far so good. Hole placement is about 3-4 mm back of the original lace loop and I made my a little lower than the original. 

Thankfully, Adidas was chintzy with lace loops so the original laces are plenty long with the extra holes. 

I thought about drilling holes in the plastic but decided it would look weird since it isn’t in the center.

Right when I put these on I could tell a difference with lockdown and I’m happy to report that heel slip has been eliminated. 

Swapping insole

One thing I didn’t like with half size down was the tightness in the forefoot since I’m a wide footer. The green pair I bought is actually my true to size 11 since I thought it was going to be casual wear only. Since the CLB runs a little large and I fixed the heel slip, I could put a thicker insole into the shoe without heel slip. 

Obviously this is personal preference so if you want a little more cushioning to offset the firmer Boost of the CLB16…

Does the CLB 16 make the Top 10 now?

I am undecided on this since I’ve only got one day of pick up and a shoot around in but I do really like playing in these now that the heel slip is fixed. It should make it into my top 10 though although it has some tough competition to get through. It doesn’t do anything way better than any of my top 10 but is sure is sexy in Aquaman green. 

Definitely on the radar now to make my all time best lows list. 

As I said in my CLB review, the line between  lockdown and heel slip is just a few millimeters and this little “project” all but proves it. I hope shoe companies make multiple lacing options to save us from having to mod shoes altogether. 


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