**I did not wear these other than trying them on in the house but figured this comparison would be helpful.

I had no interest in the HD15 low until I was told by a reader Eastbay’s description said FULL LENGTH ZOOM. I know Eastbay and Nike screws this up all the time but I thought hmm, if it is true then this shoe can be great . Unfortunately, it is the same set up as the regular HD15. 


Despite the exact same set up the Zoom in the heel feels a little better for no good reason. Forefoot still feels the same though.

Cut of the Shoe

These should be called the Hyperdunk 2015 Lower, not Low. It sits somewhere between a true low and a mid. You can see how much higher it is than the Kobe’s. 

A lot more coverage all around than the Curry One Low


It covers almost all of my ankle which I actually like. 

Interior Lining

This lining inside the entire shoe makes a world of difference to me.

The HD15 mid has almost no lining or cushioning inside the shoe other than the heel collar. The rest of the shoe puts Fuse right against the foot leaving the wearer with a “cold” feeling. Lining the entire inside of the HD15 low really made a big difference to how the shoe feels on foot and gives a more sock like feel. 

Interior Heel Collar

 Not as cool looking as the mid’s but works just as well. Very plush and cushiony 

I had the same lockdown in my heel despite not having the futuristic look of the mid.  Excellent lockdown in a low is always a positive. I felt no slipping at all. I guess that’s what happens with a higher cut low.

The part of the collar I really like is this part

Laces actually go through them I just didn’t thread them through for clarity.

Once tied those little “ears” wrap around the ankle and lock the foot in a lot like Brandblack’s J Crossover 2 does.

Painful break In time is gone


The heel counter of the mid really dug into my ankle and had to be broken in to alleviate the pain. The low has a hidden counter but it isn’t super stiff like the mid. I couldn’t even get a good shot of it because it kept bending. This is a good thing because the risk of digging is gone now. It isn’t going to stiffen up . Don’t know why the Mid is so stiff.




Nike just chopped off that ankle piece and made the lows.  

Everything else is exactly the same 

Here is the link to my original review 

Hyperdunk 2015 Review

So if you want a less restrictive Hyperdunk 2015 go with the low. No ankle pain from break in, easier to put on and still retains everything that was good (and bad ) performance wise makes me like the lows much more than the mids. 


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