Will Harden defect like he did from breakfast ?

Per ESPN Adidas bid for Harden

I was talking with some friends recently and thought that Harden would get swooped up by a Chinese shoe company they would throw a lot money at him.. Instead Adidas is throwing a lot of money at him and I think he should and will take it. Why Nike didn’t resign him before his contract is up says a lot to me (just like with KD). It’s like dating a girl who wanted to get engaged and you don’t do it until she breaks up with you. 

  I don’t think Nike will match or beat the offer either since he isn’t a proven shoe pusher like KD. He doesn’t have the kind of personality or aesthetically pleasing game that makes everyone wants to be like the Beard.

Harden has been a beast since he left for Houston and has never gotten the superstar treatment from Nike..
Come on the Hyperchase ? The Run the One was a Jordan XIV compared to that pile of garbage.

Adidas can give him top billing alongside D Rose, Lillard, Wall and Wiggens while injecting some serious life into Adidas’s basketball lineup. And maybe one of the least talkative group of superstars ever. Can you imagine the possibilities of Boost with a Harden low top? 

If there are two things Harden likes to be its

The Man


And weirdly different 

Signing with the three stripes would give him a chance to be both.. And get paid. Just do it James (pun intended).

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