Given shoe manufacturers’ propensity for incorrectly describing their shoes and putting out the wrong stock photos, I wanted to see the CFD H2 for myself. It is indeed a Clutchfit Drive/Curry One Hybrid like the  Prodigy but with Clutchfit throughout the entire shoe. If only it was pure Charged like the Clutchfit Drive 2 which would make more sense considering last year’s Highlight was an extension of the CFD while this one isn’t even the same shoe.  Confusing isn’t it ? 



For reference, all measured on my baby scale, all size 11

Curry One: 15 oz

Prodigy: 15 oz 

Clutchfit Drive 1: 14 oz 

Clutchfit Drive 2: 15.5 oz

Torch: 14.5 oz

Lightning: 13.5 oz

Obviously the extra weight is from the higher cut. I’m strong enough to not notice 1 oz here and there so I could care less about the weight.

The Cut

Yep, that’s high alright. But it’s high done right. No chafing or weird break in time like a certain Hyperdunk. It doesn’t really do anything functionally but it feels like I’m wearing a warm compression sleeve. 

Nicely padded unlike the HD15 and Kobe X Elite 

 Super flexible collar  
And geez, it is hard as hell to put on. Had to loosen the laces all the way to get these on.


Same as the Curry One



Exactly the same as the Curry One Low including the Ortholite insole. Still love pure Micro G but this set up is growing on me as well. Feels only one level firmer than Pure Micro G.


Same fit as the Clutchfit Drive 1 which I love. It is tighter in the toe box due to the thicker Ortholite insole but no reason to go up half a size since the silouette is the same.

One thing I noticed is how much bigger the Clutchfit “locks” are versus the original. The upper feels a little stiffer (or not as soft would be a better word because these are not stiff at all) but maybe it makes the shoe more supportive and snug.

I’m pretty sure it is more aesthetics than anything else (although marketing might say it enhances lockdown or something). Feels great though. 

Support and stability
Almost exactly the same as the Curry One. The external heel counter is shorter and more flexible than the Curry One and just as flexible as the Clutchfit Drive 1. There is an internal heel counter that runs along the solid black outline. I call it an outline because it isn’t anything but an overlay even though it looks like plastic.

Same outrigger and shank as Curry One.



Same as the Clutchfit Drive 1 which is a good thing. 

Another Frankenshoe by Under Armour that will perform but will hit clearance racks again. Who is going to buy these for $130 when the Curry 2 is priced exactly the same and features Charged only cushioning ? Don’t get me wrong, this is a great shoe to play in based on my experience with the Clutchfit Drive and Curry One but UA needs to price its team models at team friendly prices if it expects to compete. Out of the many Frankenshoes I’ve looked at/reviewed, I’d lean towards these or the Prodigy because I like the Clutchfit Drive silouette and don’t mind the Curry One Low set up at all. That being said, I’ll wait for clearance time before pulling the trigger. 

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