Congrats to the Warriors who paired my two favorite players together. I’m really just happy all the 3-1 jokes are done with. 

Sorry it’s been awhile since I made a post but to be honest I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to nothing new was out. Of course when the KD X finally dropped I sprained the sh*t out of my ankle. 

I sprained my good ankle badly almost almost three weeks ago and I’m finally able to walk normally. I had the very rare and very painful inversion (roll to outside) to eversion (roll to inside) double ankle sprain when I landed after a rebound with nobody close to me. ( I swear ZaZa didn’t come out of nowhere). Just a freak injury but I’ll be back asap because I have two leagues going right now.

     I could do a half ass review but there would be no way for me to test out containment or traction at all right now because I can’t run at all or cut and stop. All I can do right now is shoot set shots and dribbling drills . I’m lucky I love golf because I can actually practice chipping and putting and some light full swings. 
    Speaking of golf, I’m working on a review for the Superspeed Golf training system. 99% of quick fix/training tool are pure BS but this one was working for me until I hurt my ankle and had to stop these past few weeks. It does take work and discipline to make the Superspeed system work but I’ll trade fifteen minutes of effort every other day for an additional ten to twenty yards off the tee. If you’re not into golf, just don’t read the review when I finish it. 

Nike KD X

Although I haven’t gotten on the court with these yet, I can tell you these fit long again but not as long as the IX. I like that Nike appears to have fixed the Zoom popping issue by keeping the forefoot from over compressing.. but who knows if that’s enough. 

I also like the rand wrapping around the ankle. This seems to help give a better fit around the heel but once again I haven’t stepped on a court yet with these. Plus the heel counter is firmer than last year’s model which is a plus in my book. 

The Zoom does feel firmer than the IX which I think will translate into better sharper cuts. 

As for traction and containment, we will see once I get on the court in a few more weeks. I know there are a ton of reviews already so don’t wait on my opinion. 

Nike Lebron Soldier 11

Four straps is better than three just like four all stars is better than three 

From a try on standpoint, Nike seems to have addressed almost everything I said was wrong with the Soldier 10. 

Containment appears to be better since they raised the midsole and thickened/strengthened the mesh upper. My foot sits about halfway to 2/3 down the midsole. 

Nike also added an extra strap which crosses exactly where I like it. The overall fit just feels better than the Soldier 10.  Oh and the Zoom feels a lot better just walking around. 

Traction might be better but who knows.  It doesn’t feel ultra sticky like the Hyperdunk 2016 translucent soles so we will see. 

And this has got to be the sorriest paint job. It really looks like a kid was doing paint by numbers or decided to to draw a logo on the sole. It just looks cheesy to me. 

Zamst A2-DX

The good news with an injury is I get to test the Zamst A2-DX, aka the Curry Ankle brace. I bought this brace since I sprained both the medial and lateral sides of my ankle and I’ve always been curious about the brace itself. Upon try on it allows full range of motion forward and backward but limits the range laterally due to the big plastic pieces. It definitely takes up more room than my good ol Adidas speed wrap that I occasionally use for my right ankle since the speed wrap only features a small plastic piece on the lateral side.  

Under Armour Curry 3

I’ve been picking up Curry 3’s because I get MyFitnessPal $40 off coupons and that makes the Curry 3 a whopping $60. A really nice price for a pretty good performer even if it doesn’t make my rotation. Add in some history plus record breaking and the Curry 3 (and 3Zero) a little more attractive from especially from a collection standpoint. 

Shoes I’m excited about 

Nike React Hyperdunk 2017

Photo courtesy of Sneakernews/Nike

These looked great on Draymonds feet and I’m really excited to try Nikes new cushioning set up. I think these will play great. 

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017

Photo courtesy of Sneakernews/Adidas

These look like the Hyperdunk 2016 FK and Crazy Explosive 2016 had a love child. I suspect I’ll have the same bottoming out issues in the forefoot but damn these looks good. 

Under Armour Curry 4Photo courtesy of Sneakernews/UA

This is what I think the 3 was trying to achieve but the 3 had too much bulk. I wonder how much UA will benefit from GSW winning again since KD stole the spotlight. It was great to see Steph become Steph again in the latter part of the season and the playoffs. Like I always say, winning sells. 

Under Armour Curry One Icon

I already ordered one pair and I keep messing around with different color combos for fun. I like simple and clean so here are two I plan to order. I’m still tinkering with colors though but you get the jist of it. 

Personalized custom kicks are fun albeit expensive but it’s cool that a design is your own versus a general release. I find myself wasting a lot of time with Nike ID Mi Adidas and now UA Icon. We will see how the yellow pair turns out in a few weeks! In the meantime enjoy the summer!

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