Before jumping into a Randy’s review let’s all congratulate Randy for signing a contract overseas to play professionally! It’s always been his goal and he worked hard as hell to attain it. If you want to get better I’m going to tell you a secret: 
#itaintheshoesmars, it’s talent, guys and work ethic.

Super proud and happy for Randy, go congratulate him on his channel or Instagram



Sounds better than the XXXI, although I wonder if it’s better than the XXXI solid outsole on my lows. We will see in coming weeks I guess. 


I tried a pair on and I could feel the Zoom in the forefoot and heel just as Randy did. I like heel and forefoot if it’s done right and it sounds great. 


True to size unless you have very wide feet or very narrow. Just don’t tighten the laces too tight.  No movement side to side or and heel slip. I went true to size on try on and it’s indeed very snug for my wide feet but not uncomfortable. 


Sounds nice looks nice feels nice 

Support and Stability 

Sounds solid all around and no protruding Zoom. I had no issues with the XXX1 and got over the protrusion during play so the XXXII will feel more stable. 


No issues for Randy here either and he’s a swoll 6’4″ guard. 


Sounds like a winner to me based on Randy’s review. Everything sounds more refined and it seems like an overall improvement from the XXXI. 

When I am doing the XXXII?

I haven’t reviewed the XXXII yet because I just can’t pull off all red . Sorry I put them on looked at myself and said GTFO. I’m going to wait for a colorway I actually want. Novel concept huh ?

Dame 4 update**

True to size worked best for me. I think narrow or reg footers could stay true to size or half a size down. Cushioning plays firmer than I thought upon try on but is still pretty comfortable and bouncy but not as soft as the 2.   Fit, stability and containment are all excellent but traction needs some work so I’m going to break them in more before a final verdict on it. The portion from the midfoot and back was horrible even on clean floors probably due to the rubber and the fact that the pattern goes left to right only. 

I found that if I didn’t  put lots of pressure on the traction it didn’t stick at all. I was sliding on clean and dusty courts the first few times but it improved so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  

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