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I was very excited to see Adidas finally update the Tmac line as I have always been a fan of the Tmac 2 even if it didn’t really do anything really well aside from look cool (I wrote a review of it before I sold them so maybe I’ll publish it soon). Tmac had amazing talent but we never really got to see his true potential with all his injuries. Thankfully, we can still pretend to score 13 points in 35 seconds with the Tmac Millennium.

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, support and stability, containment

Cons: shoe needs a few hours break in, fit could be improved with more padding

Best for: anyone

Sizing: half size down

Buying advice: The launch colorway seems to be selling well but it came out when 30% off sales were going. $120 or less is fair, lows around $60-75. Yes I hopped on that 30% sale


15.5 ounces which is about 1.5-2 ounces heavier than a typical low. No weight issues for me per usual but some people want featherlight shoes.

TractionI had really really high hopes for these and although they didn’t quite meet my expectations, they still performed very well overall. I think I expected Rose 7 but got more of a CLB16 experience which is also very good.

The smaller grooves ala Harden V3 are very flexible and soft and do a great job brushing dirt. The thicker grooves are pretty stiff and do a good job overall (think Clutchfit Curry 1). More small grooves would have been amazing (see my review on the Marquee Boost coming soon)

Very similar in idea and feel to the Harden V3 but with a few thicker grooves that run perpendicular to the tiny herringbone for lateral movement.

These worked great on everything but the dirtiest of floors and some wiping was need to stick and stop but nothing bad. I saw some poor guy wearing Lebron XV’s slipping and sliding all night. I should have told him to visit my page 😂

Overall, these aren’t Curry 2, Kobe IX, Rose 7 level but better than most. Well done Adidas!


I am horrible at Operation as you can see from my “straight” line. This is where the Boost underfoot actually sits. Not sure if I like this trend by Adidas but I guess the Boost helps contain the foot

If you liked the CLB16/18, Harden V1/V3, you’ll like these. Very similar in feel to the CLB but a little thicker in the heel. It has more spring in the heel than the CLB and Harden without feeling like a creampuff. As always Boost heel to toe feels great with no lag in the forefoot since it isn’t thinned out (not crazy explosive thin) and it just feels right. Adidas also used a foam strobel so you can really feel that Boost even if you push with your hands. Does it give any energy return? No not really but that springiness just adds a lot of fun to the shoe.

Well done Adidas!


Adidas sizing is still all over the place but the best bet is usually half a size down and half a size down is right for everyone on the Millennium. I still had a little more than a finger width of space at the toe half a size down. Some people could probably go a full size down if they wanted to.

Adidas’s lows are often hit or miss but the TMM is a high low so I had no heel slip issues.

You can see how much higher and back the Tmac top eyelets sits vs the stock CLB. My extra eyelets sit a little further back

The ankle collar is very low on padding and uses pillows similar to what we’ve seen on some other brands in the past. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen Adidas utilize this.

Actually the entire shoe is pretty much devoid of any extra padding so I think that gives the shoe a little bit of an “empty” feeling that doesn’t allow the shoe to give a huggy feely fit and feels kind of like the first few Hyperdunks and fuse uppers.

I think a little more padding would have made the fit just that much better since the upper is a fairly stiff synthetic leather. It fits well overall after some break in but I think another layer of padding would have made it feel better overall. Speaking of materials…


If you like your materials soft and flexible out of the box, you will not like this uppper but if you actually play in them awhile, they will break in and conform around your foot. Creases are a good thing with leather and synthetics so don’t be afraid to dust them up a bit. However, they do not get pillowy soft since it isn’t made of mesh or knit. I don’t mind the upper at all as it reminds me of the old Tmac upper but I know lots of people equate soft comfort with performance or value.

Support and stability

A supportive low. What the? Not sure what the extra wing is for on the heel. May have to cut it off

These are a little higher than a lot of lows today and they have some strength and support around the ankle thanks to the stiffer upper. I Consider them a 3/4 cut, Nike might call them a mid. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Midfoot support is solid and is pretty stiff around the midfoot . Pretty sure it has a shank because it doesn’t bend much around the midfoot. Unfortunately I can’t see through rubber

Stability is also very good and is similar to what you find on the CLB since it isn’t caged in the heel. A little cage action wouldn’t hurt here but I had no issues. There is no forefoot outrigger but the outsole is pretty wide overall.


Synthetic, a shell toe and a huge footstay? Zero issues here


Yep I’m cramming in a bunch of reviews these last few weeks of 2018 and I’m glad I jumped on these. It’s like the Tmac 2, CLB16 and Harden V3 had a baby just for me. Overall I felt these play most similar to the CLB16 but with a a stiffer thicker upper which I actually like. I really enjoy playing in this shoe because it does everything well and I especially love the cushioning set up, traction and as shallow as this sounds, its looks. I do wish there was more padding inside the shoe but beggars can’t be choosers..well technically we can since we can choose to buy something else..but you get the point.

I find most Adidas Boosts to pretty much play similarly lately especially when they have the same cushioning set up model to model but they just have different looking uppers that may or may not fit the wearer better. If you like the CLB or your Hardens, there really isn’t a big reason to switch unless you love Tmac or want a little more heel cushioning.

Should you buy these today at retail?

Heck no, Adidas is having a fire sale almost monthly while colorways sit. I got 30% off the week these were released. I expect the other colorways to sit and hit clearance eventually since $160 is more than most Harden colorways and is the same price as Harden MiAdidas . By the way black Boost Hardens cost the same as MiAdidas Hardens but you can get black Boost on the MiAdidas for the same price. Adidas is so dumb sometimes I don’t know how they are an actual company sometimes.

Overall, the Millennium is a great update to the TMac. It fixed a lot of the flaws I had with the Tmac 2 while paying homage to a great player with proper retro styling. First team rating on the Tmac Millennium. Well done Adidas!

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