*Curry 6, AJ 33 reviews in progress, maybe one or two more reviews and the 2018 Year in Review..shooting for January 2020 (kidding..sort of)*

So I’m about three reviews behind and I was going to do a quick short summary of the ones that weren’t done but the HDX deserves a full review. I wasn’t sure if I was going to review these at all but I waited and got a nice deal on these and I’m This is short and sweet because the Hyperdunk has been consistently one of the best year over year (sans 2015). Let’s see what a decade of Hyperdunking has taught Nike.

Pros: traction, real zoom, excellent fit, support and stability, containment

Cons: bland looking for a ten year anniversary shoe. Traction isn’t the grippiest out there even after break in and needs wiping to stay connected on dustier floors.

Sizing advice: true to size, wide footers can go up half a size

Best for: anyone

Buying advice: since I’m about six months after RD, feel free to buy them now if you find them under $90. Otherwise you’re overpaying. Bottom around $45-55.


I was really surprised these were 14 ounces. Guess my man Kunapao was right, it is possible to go lighter without compromise. I guess lighter for consumer means lighter wallets for executives I guess.


No issues here. Although there are better options, the HD has been consistently good over the years with traction, even the HD15. Nike might change up the pattern just to keep things interesting but there are never story telling elements since nobody wants to know about Miscellaneous Player ABC.

Thin soft rubber in a wavy lays pattern work great for the most part. It took a little break in to get these to bite well but once broken in, I had issues at all on clean courts with a a decent bite especially move and stopping laterally. I really would have liked to see herringbone or have the waves move across the width of the shoe instead of front to pack because I think that would have really improved its stopping power. Granted I played on some ultra sorry floors in these but in my experience changing up the traction pattern directions would have helped. As you can see above, the pattern doesn’t really pick up dust it just doesn’t bite.

Good job overall Nike, not great but more than acceptable.

CushioningIf you put this into the Kyrie and you’d have some great, nearly perfect cushioning in a sig shoe. It is similar on paper to the HD16 but even softer/better/feeling right out of the box. No gimmicky marketing with this forefoot and heel Zooms set up it’s been working for decades. The HDx does use a thicker than usual sockliner like the PG line but the real MVPs are the larger zoom and the softer foam in the midsole.

The midsole foam feels a lot like the foam on the Kobe AD Exodus which was fine by itself but add in some Zoom and you’ve got a winner. If you are “bored” of Zoom I guess you’re tired of something that has worked great for decades. Newer is almost never better and the HDX just reinforces that idea. Just a nice blend of comfort, impact protection and springiness.

Well done Nike!!


True to size for almost everyone except the wide footers or players that just want a little more space. I could fit true to size and half a size up with no issues at all which I think all shoes should be able to do (I opted for the latter). One size fits one is so annoying especially if you are off half a size that I appreciate being able to fit two or three sizes without any major issues.

The fit is very one to one from the get go. No side to side movement or heel slip or deadspace in the toe box. The excellent fit comes from a full length sock inner and a 3/4 bootie outer so there isn’t a traditional tongue per se.

The shoe is padded perfectly to adapt to different feet and ankles and is just plain comfortable. I think the fit and cushioning almost made me forgot about some of the small weaknesses of the HDX.

Awesome job Nike. Seriously


Nothing fancy it’s just comfortable textiles (a nice generic term Nike) Nice and thick so it doesn’t feel cheap, textured for her pleasure and to make it look less cheap. Zero break in time needed for this upper.

Dammmn look at these premium material

No issues at all with these materials although some might want a prettier or more pricey materials for $130 retail.

Support and Stability

As always zero issues here. The ankle collar is foldable like most shoes these days but it does a great job laced up, holding my ankle and heel in place at all times.

Just normal heel counter flexibility which is perfectly fine.

No issues with midfoot support either since there is a little plastic shank like most Hyperdunks (see pics above for reference)

No issues with stability with a flat outsole and forefoot outrigger.

Good as always, well done Nike


TPU midsole wall. Hey Donald emergency crisis averted, Adidas and Nike are building walls so the government can get back to work!

Containment is surprisingly only pretty good and not perfect because that TPU wall is very soft and flexible. I could feel some flexing of that wall but that’s okay since it didn’t cost five billion dollars. Luckily my my foot sits below the top of the midsole line heel to toe as well. the TPU feels more rubbery than plastic and could have been made firmer for containment purposes.

Overall, no issues with containment although it could have been made better.


For a ten year anniversary shoe this design looks rather bland and a little too similar to models of the past. Maybe Nike wanted to pay homage to its lineage, who knows. However the HDX is one of those shoes that you can buy online or off the shelf without wondering “hmm is this going to be a good shoe?” This version of the HD was so close to being perfect but I really wanted the traction and containment to be better. The fit is amazing right out of the box and I really loved the cushioning as well. The HD X is just a jack of all trades per usual which I really love.

Given that these are basically half price during Nike clearance sales, there really isn’t any reason not to buy it but at the same time, there isn’t really a big reason to either unless you really love a shoe with a great fit. Hyperdunks aren’t limited at all so if you want to wait a few more months, feel free to because they will still be available everywhere. Fair is $80 or less while $45-60 is usually the bottom with Hyperdunks.

  • I’m a little torn about if the X deserves a first team rating because it is
  • 1) fun 2) fits like a glove/sock 3) does everything well but….I want a little better traction 🤔
  • First or second team, second or first team, Finkle and Einhorn, Einhorn, Finkle
  • So close yet so far, second team rating. I’d still rather stick to the floor with my 2017s.
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