I know it seems like staying at home would give me tons of time to write reviews, learn how to play the sax and build the next google but if anything, staying at home with kids all day is like trying to hoop at the gym when theirs volleyball practice going on. … it just ain’t happening.
I actually played in these on release week and just haven’t gotten around to writing but I set time aside for myself today to finish this thing up. And before you say man I miss hooping so bad while you sit on the couch, eat chips and watch old sneaker reviews, you aren’t doing anything to get any better. I’ve jumped onto online training sessions for five bucks or for free, worked out at home (lost three pounds gained muscle), used Homecourt since it’s unlocked, YouTubed HIIT workouts, worked on my golf game indoors, hit the road on my bike I just dusted off, learned about lawn care, and cooked new dishes..the list goes on.

Dad bod

Anyways , the point is sneakers won’t get you any better and neither will whining so get to it and get off the couch.

Pros: traction, soft cushioning, fit, stability, containment

Cons: not a lot of bounce back but it’s comfortable and works well enough

Sizing Advice: go up half a size at least. Nobody should go down in size

Best for: any position

Buying advice: covid discounts anyone? Nike and all retailers have been having sales 24/7 so just be patient and not an ER patient to get these around 50-60 like all Pg’s. Please don’t use stimulus money on sneakers 🤦‍♂️


At 15 ounces this is a little heavier than normal for a low but it’s probably due to the shroud and zipper. Almost the same weight as the “lightweight “ Harden V4 , weight is all relative. Remember Kobe 4-6 are in the sub 13 ounce range.


I had low expectations on these traction wise but they performed well except on the dustier courts. I played at my pergo floor church court and was slipping everywhere but so was everyone else (only the Rose 7 does well there) so I can’t blame the shoes.

On clean floors or less dusty floors you’ll be fine. Just don’t lick your hands and wipe anymore..yuck..just spit on the floor and wipe..oh wait that’s not a good practice either..just slip and fall onto the floor and land with your hands onto the floor someone spit on..oh wait. Never mind just don’t go to the gym yet #stayhome

I’ve been happy with all the PG4 traction set ups so far and these are great but I still prefer the PG2 and 3 set ups a little more bc they have a sharper bite out all around.


I really enjoyed the PG2 and PG3 set ups with phylon and a big zoom unit in the forefoot. These have a similar set up but used a. Airsole unit which must have be just laying around the factory from 1994.

Airsole unit right below insole

The Airsole unit doesn’t have the spring of Zoom so pairing with a softer foam feels comfortable but not springy if that makes sense. Does it affect my play? No not at all but it’s kinda just there. I think a firmer foam set up and Airsole unit would have been better feeling or just leaving it as it was would have been more enjoyable but I’m not nike or PG13. At least it doesn’t hurt my feet and works just fine.


These run small. I advise at least half a size up to a full size. I went with an 11.5 and it gave me the same space in the front as a regular size 11. From past experience you can go up even more and be ok so if you like more wiggle room, go up a full size.

Super thick insole is one of the reasons PGs run small
Behind the shroud nothing fancy

There is no movement inside the shoe or any heel slip thanks to a nice amount of padding just a nice one to one fit out of the box.


Nice looking feeling material would make a solid mask

This is a jazzed (clippered) up budget shoe. Take away the colors of the shoe and make it solid black and white and it doesn’t look like much.

Oh wait this is $110, $120 for the Gatorade logo so better even it out boys- Nike Accounting
Would not make a good mask

Amazing how much a logo changes the perception of a shoe huh? #branding101
Nothing to complain about. It’s mesh and synthetics and it works fine. No pinching Or anything

Support and stability

A couple of Mid lows

A very solid and wide base gives you plenty of support and stability. This is cut a touch higher than a typical low but it isn’t a mid by any means. No issues here with stability or support. Not overly flexible in the midfoot either.


No issues here.


Like PG13? I do too. Do I like how this shoe performs ? It’s pretty good, nothing great except maybe fit. Do I like how they look ? Not really. Do I feel like PG when I play in these? Eh?

🎶 Sometimes I dream that he is me..like Paul if I could play like Paul 🎶 just doesn’t have the same ring (z)to it. Don’t get me wrong this is a good solid shoe with no major flaws at a fair price but it isn’t something that I’d say wow, I want to hoop in these today. I know a few friends who love them so hey to each their own. In the PG line I still like the 2 and 3 a lot more than the 1 and 4 although all of them are solid. There really is zero point to paying retail for these with the NBA season on hiatus (maybe for the season ) and some really poor colorways and marketing by Nike. Maybe I’m just old 🤷🏻‍♂️ With all PG’a $50-65 seems to be the low price so if you have the 1-3 there really is no need to rush out and buy something that performs and plays similarly if not slightly worse unless you really love PG.

Despite not doing anything outstanding it’s still a first teamer for me. Keep those last dance episodes coming ESPN!! 🐐

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