Sorry for the delay on reviews. Apparently lockdown means more time for a lot of people but with everyone at home right now, alone time to write or do anything at all is nearly impossible. I had a review written but scraped it to write something more fitting

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, support stability, containment

Cons: starts stiff, heavy for a guard’s shoe

Sizing advice: at least half a size up.mBest for: any position of any weight

Buying advice: picked up this pair for $67 off $50 should be the bottom but anything under $70 is a great deal.



At 17.5 ounces, Nike apparently quarantined itself prior to this COVID19 mess as this is a hefty Harden /Adidas weight. I’m not a stickler for weight and neither should you. Ask yourself this…ifone of the quickest guards on the planet is wearing a 17.5 ounce shoe and blowing by the NBA, maybe I’m right, no?


I’ve always felt traction was the most important aspect of a shoe and the Kyrie 6 delivers.

Not exactly sure if the rubber is softer but damn these work on every surface with minimal wiping which is great since charmin is a premium quick strike nowadays #hoarders


Zoom turbo is back again and unlike the Kyrie 5 and Kobe V, I could actually feel it in the Kyrie 6. It isn’t the thickest or bounciest Zoom in the forefoot but it’s nice to know the $130 (if you were dumb enough to pay that back on release day) shoe you bought has what it says. Overall cushioning is softer than the 5 and slightly firmer than the 4 which is just a near perfect balanced cushioning set up. Not too soft, not too hard, a good bit bounce and feedback make this a great shoe for any position.


Kyries have always run a little tight and small (that’s what he said?) and I’ve made due with true to size but these are are definitely half a size small and short in length. There is a lot of padding in the shoe which may contribute to the smaller size. I went half a a size up at 11.5 and tried a full size up at 12 and could wear both just fine with no excess movement but the 11.5 felt more in line with what I’m used to. No heel slip no side to side movement out the box. Really poor social distancing in the shoe which is a good thing in this case. #stayhome #6footrule


Nothing ultra fancy here but it works great. It overly stretchy, feels and looks almost premium with no pinching or hotspots like NYC #flattenthecurve

Support and Stability

The 6 plays is a mid and plays like a mid so if you want full range of motion and minimal shoe with zero support look elsewhere. These just (virtual) hug you like a good shoe should and gives the wearer a nice sense of feedback around the ankles.

Very similar widths to the Kyrie 5

Unlike the US economy, stability is excellent in the Kyrie 6. The curved outsole has flattened out a little to feel slightly more traditional but i can still feel it. Let’s keep flattening the curved and stay home though.
The stiffness of the outsole takes a little time to break in FYI


“We have it contained” POTUS
Errr, are we talking about the foot with the Kyrie 6? If so, I agree. Nice raised midsole, nice thick strap. Well done Kyrie.


Do you buy shoes and worry if it’s the right shoe for you and your game? Do you worry man if I’m half a size off it’s going to go up and down like the stock market (or just down). Do you buy certain shoes for certain games or styles of how you play? Well the Kyrie 6 is just one of the best all around shoes I’ve played in for a long time that can relieve you of those worries. It’s a very Hyperdunkesque , any player type shoe. Remember Kyrie was a HD guy back in the 2012-2014 so it makes sense it’s a good all around shoe. I’m happy the cushioning has come around from the brick days to a more accommodating softer set up that any player can enjoy and I’m really glad that Zoom turbo FEELS like Zoom. If you want to feel active during this crazy time, get up (or don’t) and open an app or browse to buy a great shoe at a discounted price. I’ve seen stock X and eBay prices go for under 80 so if you’re impatiently waiting for sales, you can still get a great deal now.

Most importantly, stay safe during this time, pray for others, help as much as you can within your community and family. Big prompts to New Balance for stepping up and making masks. The faster we flatten this curve, the faster we can get back to normalcy.

First team

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