Since the Bucks are balling tonight, I figured I’d dig these out and write a review on them. Back in the day Brandon Jennings was the only face of UA hoops while he was in Milwaukee so why not bust out the tried and true Gucci black and red Black Ice (s) for shits and giggles. I’ve had these in cold storage for the past 8 or 9 years..get it? Ice? Black ice? Nevemind

I thought these were sexy as hell when I bought them and I really liked the UA brand. And for $110 what the hell right? I remember getting them late at night around Thanksgiving time and I opened them up and smiled because the new shoe smell slapped me in the face and the patent leather sparkled with hints of green. And damn that Micro G felt amazing. Micro G >>>>> HOVR which is pretty much remarketed garbage.

Pros: traction when clean, cushioning, fit, support and stability, containment

Cons: lots of wiping needed on dusty floors,

Sizing : true to size to half a size down depending on preference

Best For:any position


A little lighter than average for a mid at 14 ounces. Most mids are around 14.5-16 ounces


Shattered glass or ice traction pattern looks cool and works great on clean floors, but can be Chazz Michael Michaels on dusty floors…get it ? Ice skating? Blades of Glory ? Black ice ? Never m..

Although the traction isn’t the worst on dusty floors, this is the main weakness of the Black Ice. Really skating on thin ice when it comes to acceptability with these on dusty floors. Get it ? Thin ice? Black Ice? Never..


I’ll take this “old” cushioning over HOVR in the Havoc and Curry 6 any day every day, no questions asked. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Micro G on the Black Ice gives me everything; it’s low to the ground and springy right out of the box.

Oh yea Mr Orange sole. Micro G insole I do miss thee. Some shoetubers don’t even know the difference between a open cell ortholite insole which is BLUE vs an orange Micro G insole🤦‍♂️

You’d think Micro G was made of diamond dust the way UA has gotten so cheap with it. HOVR is marketed like a MOFO but it’s 95% BS. UA is slowly putting more Micro G on their shoes again at least.


Ah back in the day when one size didn’t fit one. I bought a 10.5 and 11 and went with the 10.5. Patent leather toe boxes like this usually have more room in the toe box and these are no different. Easily could have gone with 11 though without any issues since the fit is adaptable to many foot sizes.

No heel slip or side to side movement. The strap is just there so don’t expect any help from it. You can’t really make patent leather hug your foot (see Aj Xi) so there isn’t a perfect one to one fit in the toe box but it’s acceptable.


Definitely considered premium today. Patent leather and synthetic leather that feels like leather/nubuck. No issues here but no awards given by me for materials.

Support and stability

So asymmetrical it looks like a haircut from the 90’s

A lowish Mid that has a higher medial side to help with ankle support m. AJ XIV anyone? I really love this concept because it works without compromising ankle mobility.

Even though there is no a super tiny outrigger I had no issues underfoot since the outsole is very wide and flat.

No issues overall here


No issues thanks to stiff patent leather, a little strap etc..


This was the first b-ball shoe for UA and they did a great job. Maybe UA should revisit the mold or rehire the designer. If traction was better like the UA Juke, then these would be probably be considered into getting some PT but of course with sig shoes you gotta make them unique. Man the Juke traction is/was fantastic..

The rest of the shoe works pretty well and I have zero complaints. It’s one of the shoes I like but don’t love but could have loved if a few improvements were made.

Oh and by the way Bucks in 6 over my dude Kawhi and company. Unless the Klaw gets some help, I just don’t see them getting to the finals over a more talented and deeper team. #fearthedeer

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