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“Innovation” is what every sneaker head wants these days. Despite all that I write about newer rarely means better, new tech speak gets everyone’s attention. Thankfully, Nike went with the ol’ tried and true with a sprinkle of innovation to give us one of the most well rounded KDs to date.

Pros: traction, low to the ground yet bouncy cushioning, fit, stability, containment

Con: runs narrow

Sizing Advice: true to size length wise but runs narrow. True to size for regular and narrow footers, wide footers will probably want to go up half a size.

Best for: any position

Buying Advice: KD is not MJ, Steph, or Lebron so just wait a few weeks or months and you’ll see more and more discounts as always. I got these at Dick’s for $120 on release day which is fair. More fair is $100, bottom around $60-75.


15.5 ounces which is average for a mid


Pretty much the same set up as the XI but with more segmentation within each semi circle which helps the sole brush dirt away. This translucent outsole isn’t as sticky as what we’re used to seeing and it still picks up some dust but the segmentation allows it to brush most of the dust away. My first few hours days on dusty floor weren’t great but I suspect it just needed a very light break in.

Nike has done a nice job with its subtle yet effective micro grooves in my opinion. From the Kobe AD to the KD12, I have been happy overall, albeit at different degrees of success. These are not the absolute best traction ever but it is far better than average and will keep the majority of hoopers including my picky ass self happy.

Nice job Nike!


Let’s face it, cushioning marketing is every sneaker companies sweet spot. 99.9% of the world could care less about different lace set ups, new ways to improve ankle mobility or what street superstar ABC’s great, great second uncle lived on; people want good looks and a good feeling cushioning set up.


There is a lot of tech marketing surrounding the KD12 with the articulated zoom seemed in directly to the strobel plus an extra hex zoom in the heel. Cool, sounds awesome right ? It feels like full length Zoom should, you know like the Zoom BB with an extra Zoom unit in the heel to give it just a little extra sexy sauce.

With all that cool new tech speak, I don’t think attaching the Zoom directly to the shoe feels any different than using a cloth strobel like the Zoom BB. It’s like sleeping with sheets on your bed vs no sheets at all. Same diff, both feel great is the bottom line (yep that bed reference goes back a few years and stand true still).

I really like how they shaped the insole to match the gaps in the Zoom so there isn’t any wobble from the outer rim space . Stupid simple details like that are important.

I personally can’t tell the difference between articulated versus regular full length Zoom but even so if you didn’t tell me the tech specs of the Zoom set up, I still would have been happy. Did I mention the cushioning gets even better with break in as the foam breaks in?

Well well well well done Nike! Did I say well done? Well done, how I do not like my steak but how I like my Zoom.


Wide footers will want to go up half a size, regular and narrow footers can go true to size. Length is true to size while width is narrower than normal. I tried both true to size and half size up and while there was a little more space at the toe, the width just felt better for me from a comfort perspective without any excess shifting or movement inside.

If you can’t figure out how to get your foot into the KD12, maybe you should pick up a different sport. Half tongue construction gives you plenty of space to get your foot in

Ankle collar construction holds the ankle and heel down with some contouring. The collar portion above the contours does not conform around your ankle like a Hyperdunk does so you will see and feel some space around the upper part of your ankle.

Overall it’s just a simple semi traditional set up, no heel slip, no side to side movement. Both lateral and medial sides are raised to keep your foot in place (see support).

Nothing much to say here, it just works.

Nice job Nike!


Oh wheww, if it’s labeled it must be legit. No editing allowed Nike (see Protrogate)

Quad axial flywire.

What’s that mean? It means the flywire is going up and down and left to right. Using the word quad and axial makes it sound way more impressive but it’s really just a mesh with some flywire haphazardly mixed in for strength and texture. It pops a little but to start but not much and it’s a nice blend of strength and flexibility. People that want a material to looks or feels expensive will not think much of this upper What happened to the flyknit movement ? These could have been made out of regular mesh but what fun is that in a sig shoe?

Did you know KD loves baking? Why else would Nike put parchment paper on his shoe? This little tag is annoyingly cheap looking and feeling but it saves Nike 2 cents per shoe thanks to Ted from accounting

Overall materials are fine, nothing ultra luxurious and it works fine with a splash of color and texture with the QuadAxial Flywire.

Support and stabilityPer usually, support comes from the fit and normal flexibility heel counter. In addition the raised Phylon on both sides of the shoe keep your foot upright and on the footbed.

Midfoot support is good, not overly flimsy but not board like either.

Stability is good nothing outstanding. I would like a little more width like the PG3 and WNZ2 but it works fine.

No issues at all with support and stability.


After taking a break for the past three years, containment is back!No issues here.. it’s like 2015 y’all!

Raised midsole heel to toe keep your foot in on hard cuts. Who would have thunk it?


The Durant line really did a 180 from the KD XI which in my opinion is a good thing. Although the XI was ultra comfortable and free flowing it didn’t have the level of support I’m really used to. Obviously, Kd has no issues in them so why should a recreational baller have any? #itainttheshoes

As many of you know the Zoom BB1 is one of my favorite shoes of all time due it’s all around performance but it’s cloth strobel full length Zoom really made the Zoom stand out; putting on the KD12 gave me flashbacks to the Zoom BB thanks to the cushioning set up because it feels just that good. By switching back to a directly underfoot Zoom set up, the shoe just feels fun and exciting with even more Zoom in the heel. Of course, cushioning isn’t the end all for me and thankfully, the KD 12 does everything well from A-Z. It is a bit understated looks wise and draws some serious inspiration from the Hyperrev line

Maybe it’s just the colorway 🤷🏻‍♂️

But similarities aside, the lack of KD signature touches is fine for me even in this rather plain black white Day One colorway.

Not a bunch of story telling on the XII. This and the tongue paper are the only real graphics showing it’s KD’s shoe

It isn’t the sexiest looking shoe I’ve ever seen but it’s performance on court is fantastic.

Should you go out and buy today at retail?

It’s almost been a whopping two weeks since the release date so we’re right around the corner for discount time. Twenty percent off soon, then price drops in a month or so..it really pays to be patient. As I tell y’all every time, don’t get hyped up from a Shoetuber review that says $150 is a good price and then gives you a bunch of affiliate hyperlinks. Just sit and wait and save money so you can buy more pairs of a great shoe at an even better price.. or use those savings for hoop lessons or training sessions to actually get better at the game we all love.

I can’t believe this but the hits keep coming in 2019. Another first team 😮

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