I’m almost done with my BB Rare Metal review but just wanted to share what I got today. 

I actually didn’t even bother to wake up or set the alarm for these and casually checked out on Adidas.com during breakfast. Suffice to say, I was shocked they sold out. Maybe Adidas decided to play the low supply fake sellout game? At $160 these are at the higher end of the price spectrum and even though this pair features Primeknit, I don’t see a real upgrade unless the mesh version is pure garabage. 


Interesting pattern that should work just fine…I hope. Very squeaky and sticky just walking around the house. 


Boost is caged along the entire lateral side and partially on the medial side

It feels firm like the Crazylight Boost 2016 but a little lower to the ground just walking around the house. 

I went with my true size 11 and could have sized down half a size just like the CLB. I have a thumbs width a the end of the toe box. It feels perfect width wise for my wide feet.  I may try 10.5 in the upcoming colorway to see if it fits better. There is a bit of bunching on the side when laced up since there isn’t a traditional tongue but it isnt bad.

Heel slip seems non existent. As I stated in my CLB review, the heel collar should have been higher and oh look it is now :/

And look at all the eyelets :/


I wouldn’t call this suede super high quality but it isn’t bad.  You wouldn’t find this suede on a pair of Cole Haans but it’s good enough for a bball shoe. The suede seems to be just a free floating layer that covers the toe box since the Primeknit upper runs all the way to the end of the shoe. It appears to be more for aesthetics than anything else and possibly helps with containment ever so slightly. 

The Solider III executed this idea much better as it’s just one layer as it transitioned  from midfoot to the patent toe box as one layer. Hard to see in this pic but trust me. Patent leather is much harder than Primeknit so the independent toe helped on the Soldier III. We will see once these hit the court though.

The Primeknit is not soft and pliable like the Crazy Explosive but instead has structure and some stiffness due to its backing. 

 I’ve never viewed Harden as a player who needs/wants/cares about soft materials unless it’s for a robe and cigar party so these are right up his alley. 

Support and Stability 

Feels low and stable just walking around the house. You can see the infinity shank that was found in the Crazy Explosive if you look closely. 


Should be fine. I mean this is Harden’s shoe who Euros like nobody’s business. Add in the extra layer of suede  and these should work great.

Overall I think these will play great although they are pricey in this Primeknit version. Is it worth double what the CLB16 has been trending at lately ? Probably not but if Adidas addressed the CLB’s issues it might be for some. 

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