So I was on the fence about these, not because of the shoe, but because I was tired of Brandblack’s fake sellout marketing. But being the curious guy I am, I bought them anyways to see if I’d like them at all and if not I’d just return them.. so far so good!

Weight:  12.5 oz in a size 11. Not ultra light for a low but still on the light side. For reference, the Curry 2 and 3 are 14 ounces. The lower cut usually accounts for 1 to 1.5 ounces FYI 


Wiper blades with added texture. I think these will perform well although the rubber is harder than I expected. 


Jetlon EVL feels better than the original Jetlon upon try on. Feels almost like Micro G but not quite. Definitely sits lower than the JC3 which I like. 


These fit long length wise but fit my wide feet perfectly. I’d say it is as long length wise as the Crazylight Boost 2016. I have a thumb width from toe to the front of the shoe. I typically want a finger width. I could size down but the width is too perfect for me. I think regular and narrow footers will want to size down half a size. 

There is a little deadspace bubble in the forefoot but not as pronounced as the Rose 7. Will have pics up for this on the review. 

The rest of the shoe fits great though and I’m liking the “hybrid” higher cut in the front. 


Although it is a jacquard upper, there are synthetic underlays around the midfoot and toe box. It isn’t soft like the CLB or Lillard 2 but it shouldn’t be an issue because there is no underlay where the forefoot flexes. 

Support and Stability

I’m not worried aabout support and stability. Nice flat outsole and a sturdy heel counter plus and outrigger.


Much improved over the JC 2/3.. 

A physical barrier to keep the foot in place.. who would have thunk it? Oh yea, me

Overall thoughts 

I think I’m going to like these just based on initial try on but things change once you get on a court so we’ll see. I like everything about the shoe and BB addressed the issues I had with the JC 2  and 3 including dropping the price. 

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