December 12, 2015 will remain a historic day for me. 

1) the Warriors streak finally ended

2) I got a pair of Jordan XI 72-10 without having to wake up at the crack of down counting down to the millisecond 

Now $220 for a general release is a damn lot for a shoe BUT they are priced correctly and maybe even a bit underpriced.

I’ve been shoe collecting for 16 years and I’ve watched it transform from a hobby a few people did to a full blown almost mainstream game. Back when I started collecting people would say “you collect what ? Shoes? Weirdo” but now it’s commonplace.

Back in the early 2000’s Jordan Brand released a retro a few times a year for the exact price they cost way back when. For example

AJ IV cost $99 in 1989 and the 99 retro cost $99

AJ XI cost $125 in 1995 and the 2k retro cost $125

I’m not sure why Nike didn’t both account for inflation but nonetheless I was a happy camper back then. 
Over the years people have discovered that they could resell Jordans at a premium, the very same day as release day due to sell outs. Shoes that retailed for $130 could easily be flipped for $300. Because of all these resellers and bots, the shoe game has nearly been ruined because resellers took most of the available shoes online and flipped them on eBay for double the price. 

Although Jordan Brand’s price increase to $220 put the shoe out of reach for some , basically eliminated profits for resellers and allowed consumers to get them first hand without the  riots and fights as we have seen in the past. On top of the price increase, they made a lot of these which allowed JB capitalize on the price increase. I applaud JB for finally producing enough shoes for almost everyone to purchase without the huge reseller markup. I certainly hope this trend continues. 


The shoes themselves are beautiful and are a step up in qualifying from recent XI retros. Materials are nice this time around even though JB chose not to use patent leather this time around ( cost savings I’m assuming ).

The only major flaw I see is the shape of the toe box. I’m assuming that by making the toe box more voluminous, production costs are lower. All OG Jordans and early retros had tighter tolerances for quality and performance sake but the entire retro game is about style now do JB could get away with this now. 

 You can see the difference compared to my 2001 Cool Greys


Although I’d like a clear or blueish outsole this milky white should help stave off yellowing 

And the Christmas XI wouldn’t be Christmas XI without the elaborate box


 So after nearly a decade (!!) of under producing retros with sub par materials, Jordan Brand came through with a fair release for everyone to enjoy. Sure I’d rather have a less expensive shoe but if the price hike and increased quantity helps me get the shoe more easily, I’m all for it. I don’t really remember the last time I was able to get a pair of Jordans this easily.  

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