I love yellow as much as the next guy ( I’m Asian So I better !) but I decided to customize a pair of my long shots. The yellow forefoot just dominated the color blocking so I wanted to make it cleaner and more subtle. 

All it took was about 40 minutes per shoe , Angelus leather paint and patience. I put about five coats on.

The hardest part was trying to keep the threading yellow which I partially succeeded at  

As for durability of the paint, it has yet to be seen since I haven’t hit the court with these yet . Even if it flakes I can just repaint. 



Here was my previous customization on a pair of Spawn Lows which has held up great 


 Just thought I’d share since I had some craft time with my shoes. In the meantime I’m going to go watch some war of the Stars movie …I heard it’s a pretty popular ? Lol . 

JJ Abrams can do no wrong I can freakin wait 

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