And right now is the time for UA to capitalize on Curry. I was really shocked that the “Father to Son” sold out so quickly  even though GSW just won the title. I really thought that the MVPs that sold out last week were just bc it said limited release and MVP but the I guess I was wrong (that and wive’s everywhere are scrambling to get Father’s Day presents).  

I was able to get mine this morning but went back a few minutes later to see the pair on the site then off then on again then sold out (please fix your infrastructure UA, those poor guys trying to buy the UA polos must have been perplexed last week )

Not bad resale prices for a general release considering I could pick up previous colorways a few weeks after release easily. 

 As I stated in my earlier  Post: the apocalypse by limited supply or under forecasting demand, consumers looking to spend that $120 elsewhere on other brands  like I almost did.  By giving the consumer the Curry One, you essentially gain one point for selling UA and another for taking away from Nike and that’s how UA can accelerate their growth. More people wearing UA on court equals more free marketing and sales which equals exponential growth like an Amway pyramid.  Everyone wants a piece of Gsw and Curry so sell the sh*t out of him while the iron is hot.  I know the lows are coming out in July but people want to wear what he was wearing on court so just make these please and make a couple million more. 


I know if these came out I’d be the first in line. Keep it coming UA!! Just my two cents 

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