I copped these off eBay for a friend who wanted a deal and low and the first thing I said to him was why are they so small for a size 11. Sadly I thought it was Adidas quality control but then upon closer inspection I knew we had fakes on our hands. Pretty damn good fakes at that. So in an effort to combat fakes in my own way, here is a guide for spotting fakes.

First off don’t buy off weird sites. I know a few years ago a lot of you guys were trying to cop sold out Curry’s for retail or discount prices. Anytime you see a site called UACURRYSHOES.com or CurryMVPSHOES.com and has these shitty stock pictures, close your browser and walk away.

The same applies to all “sold out” shoes.

Don’t be afraid of eBay at least here in the US. eBay has improved its buyer protection to the point that you can return anything to a seller for any reason without eBay even bothering to look at the actual case. For example, I filed a claim against this seller and got a reply in five minutes in my favor. It’s so buyer biased that as long as you don’t have some strikes against you or do it frequently, you’ll get your money back including shipping. More on eBay and it’s pro Buyerness in a future post.

Okay into the Harden shoe


Left real, right fakes. Notice the direction of the uppers texture as well

Both are size 11 but you can see from the pic what a huge size difference there is. I’d guess the fake is about a 10 or 9.5 in reality. I thought the days of small sized fakes were in the past but I guess not

Inner tag

I don’t think Adidas makes shoes in Vietnam although with China tariffs coming soon, you might start to. Get ready for some lower quality kicks and serious skimping in the near future by shoe companies. Single layer mosquito netting will be the new flyknit unless they move factories to another country.

The Upper

The real v3 has the upper mesh lines running parallel to the three stripes. As you can see in the pic, the fakes run almost perpendicular.

Just for extra proof here is my ASU pair. Plus just wanted to show them off.

Don’t get me wrong, it feels the same and looks very very similar but the lines are just wrong


left fake, right right

Upon first glance you wouldn’t notice the difference but the fakes typically don’t use very good tumbled leather. There are almost no “tumbles” to the leather as you can see from the pic.

Heel counter

Yea that’s just a huge difference in height

Also btw that there is one less + per row.


Left fake, right real

You can see how much flatter the fakes are.


Top real, bottom fakes

Foam strobel on the fakes vs cloth with the real pair.

Last but not least fake Boost

Left fake, right real

Yep, it feels pretty good to the touch and not bad at all underfoot but real Boost has the little perforations/holes and nips on them. The fakes are just reshaped foam beads.


If you’re going to buy off eBay or a secondary market, make sure you can get it authenticated like GOAT and Stock X do or make sure you can get your money back. Those sites like I noted earlier are horrible when it comes to getting your money back (I’ve heard horror stories). Obviously it’s best to buy off the big box stores or the medium stores but it’s hard to police kicks when fakes are being made across the world. I’m glad I helped a lot of people with the fake Curry article a few years ago and I hope this helps as well. Oh and btw, Harden V3 sales are coming since the V4 is around the corner. 🙂

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